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After all – and again

Tuesday. March 31st. And therefore – tomorrow is the first day in April. And Wednesday as well.
I need…

CampNaNoWriMo begins tomorrow and I was so sure I would never, ever participate again! So what am I doing?

Well! I signed up! Again! Despite knowing better not to do just that.

Each time, two Camp and one November-NaNo last year, I signed up and it began very well. But also, each time, it has stressed me immensely the further the days had been passing by. And became a mere pain in the neck, the week before finishing it.

But I finished them! All three of them. I became a Winner! And every time I afterward said to myself – never again!

Does this gal ever learn?

Or is the excitement and the anticipation so much bigger, than the experience tells me about how menacing the stress is?

At the same time, I told myself to at least not to write in English again. Use my mother-tongue instead. It would be so much easier and faster writing.
But, what do I do? Well, of course!!!!! I write the foreword in English! … and it seems it will continue that way…

Is this gal stupid or something?

No. She Isn’t. She’s quite sane. But, I guess she likes the challenge, after all. And will not chicken out!This time I call it
“Brickstone! A story about love and evil Misdemeanour”.
I don’t know why I call it “Brickstone”. It just came to me. Like from somewhere beyond.

And it has nothing at all to do with my earlier writings. It’s completely new. It’s not even Fantasy/Sci-Fi


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Around and Around, goes the Time

Time is constantly changing, and so is the world around us. There are threatening illnesses and climate changes. Do we care? Yes and no. We spread fearful opinions or complain about cold or heat. Too much rain, or too little.

Life, in any form it chooses, keeps going on. No matter what we might think about it. Soon it’s April, and with April comes Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s hard to grasp, that an entire year already has passed by since the last time. The month when I began to write Part One about JayCee and the enchanted city.

Since then I’ve written Part Two, and in just a couple of days, it’s time to begin writing the third and last part. Will I make it? Never thought I would participate in any kind of NaNoWriMo again.

I hope you’re doing well, out there! In cyberspace. Enjoy the sun, when it shines, and the blue sky above! Here in the northern hemisphere spring is approaching. It’s getting lighter and warmer. Day by day, life gets more and more visible, noticeable, amiable. Grasp it! Don’t spend time with fear.