Something happened that I thought wouldn’t happen. And I blame WordPress. You see! Yesterday I forgot to write further on my novel and add it to CampNaNoWriMo. Such a… such a… OH! I don’t know what kind of “such a…”!

But I was in such a good win streak, though! Been writing for eleven days in a row, and during those days I have written almost 3000 words more than if I had followed exactly what I had set up as a goal. The story had begun to become very exciting, and I so much want to know what is happening next!

Here is why I forgot, and why I blame WordPress for it!

No, I didn’t eat candy instead! That’s just Pixabay… and colorful…

BUT! Early in the evening, yesterday, I was updating my Swedish blog, which has also been neglected too much lately. When I looked at it, I thought, isn’t that orange background a bit too orange?

Before I go further, you must know I just love to do layouts! Any kind of layout! But in this case – the layouts of my blogs. With WordPress themes to work with and, when possible, changes of colors, backgrounds, adding this, or adding that… even exchange the entire theme to another one once in a while.

One could say: Me and “theme-work-layout-work” (haha) is somewhat like what  a drug might be for an addict. I can’t resist playing around with different themes, testing color schemes and such. And I really do prefer those old themes. They have so much more personality than the new modern ones. (And that’s just my opinion! I know there are blogs out there, more or less pure white, something small added and then the text in black, which are simply beautiful!) But I, I can easily let an entire evening pass by, being occupied trying on different blog-themes, testing different color schemes.

Now, I think that you think, that you have already figured out what this is all about. HAHA!!! You don’t even know half of it!

WordPress has opened up the costume design for free! I have absolutely no idea whether this is only temporary, or if it will remain that way. (Or if it’s still there today! Must go and have a look.) I tried to find some information about it, but couldn’t find any. Have any of you some ideas about this?

My first thought was, that I some years ago had this costume design tool on one of my blogs, but had deleted it. (I loved it though.) But was there some kind of malfunction that it had stuck on the blog instead of being deleted? Then I realized, that particular blog I don’t even have any longer. (Still regret I deleted that one. Was old, born in 2009)

Now my interest had raised, and I checked out every blog I have. (Five, in all, but one is private and totally empty.) Everyone had access to costume design! NOW! I lost myself!

On that Swedish blog, which also is fairly old, since 2011, and thus also have quite a lot of the old themes still there, I began playing!!!! I tested one theme after the other, not everyone I tested but most of them had this costume design available.

Now I got really crazy – addicted??? – and suddenly I happened to see what time it was… ALMOST ONE O’CLOCK! … IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT !!!

I am not sure for how long I had been sitting there on the sofa with the MacBookPro on my knees, playing with themes and colors. But it was several hours, I promise!

Maybe I now should make sure I begin writing on my novel before it is too late. But! I still have 3 hours to go before midnight and the deadline. I just have to figure out what is happening now over there. In my fantasy-land.

I’m just adding colors to this….


… it’s still there on the blogs , the costume design, and may it stay there forever

… and by the way, I also changed the colors slightly on “Thoughts & Ponderings” (as it happened, I  read the latest posts there as well… hmmm… better than I remembered them to be…)

Surprise surprise

It was supposed to be 700 per day only…

… or not. It was supposed to be the minimum!
😀 😀 😀

When the stress goes out – the words come in
but only God knows what will become of this.



catch the last warm hours
before the winter comes,
cherish in your memory
and taste them more than once
the sweetness of the autumn flowers
the softness of the sun
close your eyes
– remember –
back again, they will come


(Poem from October 2014.
The photo from June 25, this year, I took at the place where we use to buy our plants to the non-profit organization)

Wet, wet, wet

A couple of days ago, I told you it finally had begun raining. That was next to nothing. Now, it really has begun raining. Except for the first couple of hours early this morning, it has been pouring down the entire day. It’s so welcome, it was really needed! But probably it’s yet not enough to turn that drought into a more normal state. So keep on raining for a while longer. Why not the entire week? To fill up the depot in the ground, that is supposed to be there.

I have spent the day on the sofa. A slight cold, mostly bothering my muscles, made me take the opportunity to do “nothing” today. Nothing but reading, writing and so on, that is. A little bit boring now when it’s early evening, but soon I’ll have dinner and then begin today’s session of writing to CampWriMo.

This is not my sofa, and this is not my dog since I have no dog. And I am not a dog, what that matter. But I like the image from Pixabay

So! Three days have gone with this task, and I’m doing well. Didn’t set the rib too high this time, and it seems that I have made the right choice. So far it has paid off! No stress, only an average of 700 words a day is needed, and with three day’s behind me I have now written 3105 words. There is something going on in the story that both surprises me and makes me curious of what will happen.

Maybe I should have my dinner now, so I can begin writing afterwards. 😉

Maybe something like this? No! I have no chickpea-pasta left. But I have some whole grain rice ready to eat. Yes! I eat the vegan way!

So I did!

Or rather – to be honest – I continue on the one I’m working on.

It’s so thrilling! What will happen in the story when I continue writing this afternoon? Me? I have absolutely no idea! But that’s the usual way I do it.

Yesterday some new people were entering the story. One thought the area he saw was “as huge as the big assembly hall in the monastery”!!!

What??? Who are those people? They seemed so extremely technically advanced! And that person  – a monk??? – what was that person doing up in the Orb? Spying? Disconnected from his (hers?) body and all… thanks to some electronic devices… including some kind of built-in videocamera… and then some malfunction occurred so he (she?) got disconnected from the staff below that was monitoring him (her?).

And the question now is – among other – is he alone up there?… in the orb… like halfways between the planet and the sun…

Why did I at first take it for granted that this character was a “he”, and thus a monk?

Exclamation mark… exclamation mark…

(Who knows… I might delete this part later. The main issue now, is to let the words flow without hesitation or regrets – and no editing. Not now!)

Finally it’s raining

And finally, I’m here again. Both good – but in different ways. The rain because we all need it. Nature needs it. And I’m good because I need to be. To be back in writing mood.

It’s been almost three months since my last post. Well! I’ve been busy, you know! I just didn’t think this involuntary pause would last for such a long time. But now – I decided, and I made this decision very clear, first of all to myself, but also to some other people in my environment. Now was the time for writing here again! Finally!

Not only because of CampNaNoWriMo – but I guess that task helps to put another “do it” upon me. So, I’ve started. Today, I have! Embrace me and say “Halleluja”!

I’ve experienced a couple of times now, that too many words per day stresses me too much. I don’t feel well while writing, and later I have to throw away so much garbage that I have written. So 50 000 words in July is totally out of the question! Also 24 000 feels a bit too much, but 18 000 too little. So in the end I settled for 21 000 words. That’s 700 per day. Better to reach that amount – and keep on writing more, than forcing myself to write 1000, 1200 or 1600 words per day –  and then have to throw most of them away in the garbage dump. If I even will continue writing! I failed in April, you know! Forced me too hard!

But today! I reached for 700 – and got 923. See! I told you so!

I decided to keep on working with “The Solar Eclipse”. Part three now. And it seems to be heading towards the end. One fraction after the other is gathering in the city, and the big battle is getting closer… and closer…

So! That’s it! I managed to write a blog post here as well. Should really be writing something for my Swedish blog  too, and to the one about Food and Health. Also in Swedish.

And I should really do some homework! Like cleaning and such boring matter. Or I’ll stick that until really dark, vet and cold days? Nahhh… those days, such days, I’d rather prefer to read. Or something else that is cosy.