Something happened that I thought wouldn’t happen. And I blame WordPress. You see! Yesterday I forgot to write further on my novel and add it to CampNaNoWriMo. Such a… such a… OH! I don’t know what kind of “such a…”!

But I was in such a good win streak, though! Been writing for eleven days in a row, and during those days I have written almost 3000 words more than if I had followed exactly what I had set up as a goal. The story had begun to become very exciting, and I so much want to know what is happening next!

Here is why I forgot, and why I blame WordPress for it!

No, I didn’t eat candy instead! That’s just Pixabay… and colorful…

BUT! Early in the evening, yesterday, I was updating my Swedish blog, which has also been neglected too much lately. When I looked at it, I thought, isn’t that orange background a bit too orange?

Before I go further, you must know I just love to do layouts! Any kind of layout! But in this case – the layouts of my blogs. With WordPress themes to work with and, when possible, changes of colors, backgrounds, adding this, or adding that… even exchange the entire theme to another one once in a while.

One could say: Me and “theme-work-layout-work” (haha) is somewhat like what  a drug might be for an addict. I can’t resist playing around with different themes, testing color schemes and such. And I really do prefer those old themes. They have so much more personality than the new modern ones. (And that’s just my opinion! I know there are blogs out there, more or less pure white, something small added and then the text in black, which are simply beautiful!) But I, I can easily let an entire evening pass by, being occupied trying on different blog-themes, testing different color schemes.

Now, I think that you think, that you have already figured out what this is all about. HAHA!!! You don’t even know half of it!

WordPress has opened up the costume design for free! I have absolutely no idea whether this is only temporary, or if it will remain that way. (Or if it’s still there today! Must go and have a look.) I tried to find some information about it, but couldn’t find any. Have any of you some ideas about this?

My first thought was, that I some years ago had this costume design tool on one of my blogs, but had deleted it. (I loved it though.) But was there some kind of malfunction that it had stuck on the blog instead of being deleted? Then I realized, that particular blog I don’t even have any longer. (Still regret I deleted that one. Was old, born in 2009)

Now my interest had raised, and I checked out every blog I have. (Five, in all, but one is private and totally empty.) Everyone had access to costume design! NOW! I lost myself!

On that Swedish blog, which also is fairly old, since 2011, and thus also have quite a lot of the old themes still there, I began playing!!!! I tested one theme after the other, not everyone I tested but most of them had this costume design available.

Now I got really crazy – addicted??? – and suddenly I happened to see what time it was… ALMOST ONE O’CLOCK! … IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT !!!

I am not sure for how long I had been sitting there on the sofa with the MacBookPro on my knees, playing with themes and colors. But it was several hours, I promise!

Maybe I now should make sure I begin writing on my novel before it is too late. But! I still have 3 hours to go before midnight and the deadline. I just have to figure out what is happening now over there. In my fantasy-land.

I’m just adding colors to this….


… it’s still there on the blogs , the costume design, and may it stay there forever

… and by the way, I also changed the colors slightly on “Thoughts & Ponderings” (as it happened, I  read the latest posts there as well… hmmm… better than I remembered them to be…)

4 thoughts on “Oh…ohhh…

    • Thêa says:

      Haha! WP didn’t actually do anything. I was just kidding there.
      What they did, was that they had launched this costume design for free, which caught me so much that it made me forget to write! 😀 😀 😀

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      • Paul Cervantes says:

        I figured that might be it. I kept looking for it but didn’t see it. Forgetting to write is not a problem for me…forgetting to do everything else is pretty common! Be Well & Stay Safe!


      • Thêa says:

        In Costumize, Colors and backgrounds. I can hardly think I’m the only one who has gotten this opportunity.
        I normally don’t forget to write, but during these hours I had so much fun so I did.

        Mostly I “forget” to do the dishes often enough…. 😀


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