Work in progress

I was trying to write something to the blog, but obviously it hasn't been a day for words. After breakfast, I went to the library intending to work on my novel. And it was hopeless! It was as if I didn't know any English words at all. Except for the most common ones. To be … Continue reading Work in progress

The Do

What do I do, when I don't do, what I should do? I could say I hibernate, I almost do. Lingering time with thousands of thoughts in a never-ending story. Better to run, to hide, to be on my own, when things go wild, inside. (From Sept 14, 2014)


in the dawn of august, no longer day, still, not quite night but soon enough soon an inky blackness the wind has gone to sleep pines reflect in a colorless mirror calmly, still and quiet a lonely diver a solitary cry a nippy emptiness (inspired by a bad photo taken in august 2008, poem written … Continue reading poem