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Finally, I have begun working on the manuscript to “The Lives and Whereabouts of Mz Eliza Elderberry”. Well, I needed a vacation, didn’t I?

I have been rather lazy these two weeks. Spent a lot of time watching “Gotham” on Netflix among other things. I like that series. About those years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, focusing on James Gordon, the police detective, and all the other classic characters in the city of Gotham. Selina Kyle, the Penguin, the Riddler and so on. In a bit different forms…
I hope Netflix will send season five as well in the near future. I’m watching season four now, and it will come to an end sooner than I want it to.

During these weeks I have also been meeting friends, and it seems to be more and more to participate in, the closer we get to Christmas. If I just open my door and go out. Which I do. When you keep on going out meeting people in this area where I live, you also learn there are even more places to go to, to meet people. In this area. And often the same people, and new ones!

It’s so fun! I just love being retired! Saying Hi and Hello and knowing where I can go to be acquainted with someone or many, it’s such a treat.

Okay! I’m home a lot as well. Sometimes just dwelling. I admit. But I’m also knitting a turtle-neck sweater while watching “Gotham”. And today, hence, I began to work on my story. At last, Mz Eliza!

Began by deleting everything that didn’t have anything at all to do with the story. Updated Scrivener, it behaved very oddly so I checked if there were any updates available. And it was! So I did!

Then I made a copy to be sure I would have the first draft handy if I needed it for some reason. Finally, I translated Chapter one to Swedish and made some minor editing. Chapter one was fairly good as it was. 1890 words now. Almost 300 more than the English version.

Felt really good about that, and began to bake some bread. I have still some hummus left from yesterday. It will be yummy!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a chiropractor. I am so tired of my stiff aching body, so I just had to do something really concrete about that problem. My body need some professional help to be able to heal that.

I’ve begun to write a bit about that on my old Thea-blog, the predecessor of this one. It’s a bit pity that that one should just be lying there dormant. So, you’re welcome over if you would like to read a bit about health, chiropractor-treatments, food-supplements and such.

And Now! I’ll eat some freshly baked bread, still warm and nice. To that, I’ll watch a movie – or perhaps the next episode of Gotham! 😀

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And so it is December!

The NaNoWriMo has ended. I could say: “Goodbye to you! We will never meet again!” But I know one should never say never.

My standpoint just now, however, is that it isn’t likely, that I will participate again. But as I said – never say never.

I did reach the goal though. 50.000 words, reached the ending November 24th and forced me to continue writing for three more days. That didn’t go well. Was just rambling random words, some kind of diary, odd thoughts and such.

OKAY! I had permitted myself to count all and anything I wrote during November! Is OKAY!

Was just trying to get into that habit of writing daily!

The first weeks the writing went quite well, I even got a story to work on. Or at least I began to write a story. So for those first weeks, most of the words went that way. Then also some blogposts, okay. And some diary notes, okay.

It amazed me that I actually could write that much. Up to 3500 words in one session. So. Conclusion. I have that ability. BUT! Then the pressure of writing daily, and writing lots of words, got to me. I lost the story almost entirely. I didn’t remember what I had written.

And I lost the passion for writing, aw well. My writing mind shut down.

May I present Hopi, the cat!

It’s good to know that I am able to lose myself in the writing of a story. Just let it flow through my fingers, without much thinking.

BUT! This isn’t my way of writing, not day after day like this, just letting words flow through me without thinking. I don’t connect to the story that way!

I’m staying outside and don’t remember what I have written! Kind of awkward. I always used to remember my stories and my characters. What they were doing, and why. I used to remember the environment, the time of year, the weather and – of course – the plot itself.

So this is awkward. I’ll never write like this anymore.

Well… I may have written lots of words, but I didn’t finish any novel. But I began writing one! 😀

I reached 50.016 words on November 24th. Then I kept on writing (garbage) for another three days. Quit writing and counting to NaNo at 53.798 words.

And haven’t written anything at all since then.

ODD! Really odd! It feels like at least three or four weeks ago – but in reality, just 5 days have gone since then.

Andrew Millbourne – The Mechanical Man

How peculiar! Don’t I have an inner clock? Apparently not. Or it works in another kind of time zone.

I have copied this first draft of Mz Eliza – with garbage and all – and put that aside. Now I will read it all. First just quickly enough to get rid of the obvious garbage.

Then I’ll read the story more properly, to get to know it! To step into it and look around.

I have spoken here about the story and the garbage. There is a third part as well. All the ponderings, thoughts, questions et cetera, that I have asked myself about the story! Some kind of synopsis, though not an organized, proper one.

It’s about the plot itself, the characters, the relationships between them – or no relationship. About the world, I don’t even know the name of the world yet!

But there is one thing I have realized! And one thing is better than none. There is a world I’m creating.

Its all about Jaycee!

In this world, there is an enchanted city with a high ancient tower. There is a big desert and a southern mountain ridge that from a distance looks like a dead dinosaur.

There is an evil tribe, but good people as well as bad. There are Jaycee and Theyou, Bill and Kayla, the Long-Legged Man and the evil Judge.

There are Andrew Millbourne and an old, wise man called Rosario. Who is he? Is he really who he seems to be?

There are lots of magic in different ways, and lots of odd people appear! And of course! There is something that looks like a solar eclipse! Though it isn’t…

And now there is also a woman called Eliza Elderberry who was killed and then found herself as …

… someone else, somewhere else… not yet knowing she now is in this world or where this world is. She is so very confused. But saved! Rescued! For the time being…

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No needs for words now.

I didn’t think I would write this much while visiting my daughter. But I got the opportunity, and I grabbed it. Both Friday, yesterday and today.

I promise, I haven’t been rude to anyone doing this, diving into the iPad. I just didn’t want to go out in the icy cold weather. But they did.

And here is the result. 😁🤓😆 I am a Winner!

It’s okay, of course, that I these days have written only in Swedish – much quicker this way – and mostly diary notes, ponderings and such. The important issue was to write, not what to write.

Now I can take it easy, without any pressure at all, and keep on working on “The Lives and Whereabouts of Mz Eliza Elderberry”. I have, after all, also written a lot during these 24 days that is, or is about to be, included in that story.

From now on, I will probably take a day off from writing, once in a while. Meeting people, having lots of laughs – and be Living my Lives and Whereabouts.

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Under the old chestnut-tree, over the fields

Still on my weekend visit at my daughter’s. The weather is lousy. Icy cold, feels like below freezing point, even though it isn’t. Close enough, though.

It’s cloudy, gray and very, very windy. Raining? Not sure. Will NOT go out today and realize it is.

It seems I’ll get an hour or more to spend with my novel today. Have just a little more than 1800 words left to write, then I’ve reached the 50.000 for NaNoWriMo. Feels good. Finish today?

I love to be here, but I also miss my home, my preferable food, my everyday habits. But soon enough I’m back home again, and tomorrow night I’ll sleep in my own bed. And miss not being here any longer.

The weather looks a lot better on the photo, than when I look out through the windows.

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Back and Forth

So! I have changed my mind again? AH? Don’t know what I want to do? Difficult to decide? Yes! In this case, I have. Bring or not bring my laptop with me, when I visit my daughter.

If I was about to stay there for a week, or even more – I wouldn’t even have given it one single thought. I would have brought it. But now! For the weekend? Oh yes, my mind is going back and forth over that issue.

On one hand, since I’m not staying long why carry that extra weight? Okay! It’s a laptop. It’s a MacBookPro from 2012, so not that much weight, ah? I actually put it on my own scale, and it measured 2 kilograms. ( 2kg= 4lb 6.547930 oz)

Fair enough! Could do! But why? I mean, since I try to minimize the luggage as much as possible, and absolutely need to bring some extra clothes, a warm woolly sweater, for example, toothbrush and such, and some of my special food – non-wheat etc – would it really be wise and necessary for those few days, to bring the laptop as well?

On the other hand! Even though I don’t write thousands and thousands of words every day, I have my story on my mind almost all the time. You know how it is! I might also want to show some of it to my daughter, read a part or two, to her.

Then there is the NaNo! I have that on my mind as well! I want to write every day, and update every day. Even if it’s just a shorter piece. Not every scene has to be 3.400 words long or more.

Do you begin to see my problem now? I am as nerdy with my writing and my stories that I guess all of you writing people are. And guess what! I have Scrivener on my MacBook only!

There, there! The predicament! Can I solve it somehow?

Oops! There it came. The idea. The advice from within. Or maybe it was Albert, the Muse…
I have Apple! I have a MacBookPro! I have an iPad. I have Pages. And I have iCloud. I rarely use Pages. Maybe I should use it more. But that is a question I can deal with later.

For now, I figured I could copy all I had written to NaNoWriMo and paste it into a Pages document. Thought and done! That part wasn’t hard. Then I added a table of contents and made sure it was adequate so that I easily could find what I wanted. Not too hard to do this either. And I could see the total word count on my manuscript as well.

Next phase! Open the iPad and make sure this file had appeared there. It had. With the word count – which then suddenly was gone! In both places! I got it all right after a while, guess Pages couldn’t show the word count on both places simultaneously. But the most important now, was that I could see it on the iPad.

Then, I have to be able to reach the NaNo-site from the iPad. I use Firefox for as well as for the NaNo-site. (Have my Swedish blog on Safari so I won’t keep on signing in and out all the time.)

On the iPad I only have Safari, so I opened NaNo in Safari on the Mac and added the site as a favorite. Then I easily can log in to NaNo when I need to update the word-count via the iPad. (Perhaps I’ve better to test that today, making sure everything functions as I want it to do.)

If all this goes my way, I can leave the MacBook at home, and rely on the iPad! At least I think I haven’t forgotten anything important now.

I also think this is quite a clever solution! Less luggage, but the possibility to read, write, show my daughter – and update my word account to the NaNo-site. And that’s all I need. The possibility to do what I want if and when the circumstances allow it.