I listen

Every day I listen to the Podcast "A course in... What?!" A course in miracles, in other words. Very often I lose my concentration. Some of it I don't get. Most of it actually... But sometimes I actually catch a glimpse of something. And that glimpse touches me. Gives me something! I've heard, that when [...]


Little did I know what would happen when I started writing. Every post, except for the last one, came out totally different from what I originally intended them to be. And I felt  content and pleased. The last post, though, I had decided should be about my first meeting with The Course of Miracles. And [...]


Some twenty-five years ago or so, I met a man. Nothing particular about that. Most women meet at least one man in her life, and the story that follows can be good or bad - or a mix of both. I guess mostly a mix of both. 😉 When I suddenly started to think of [...]

The wall of silence

Abused as a child? Me? The very thought is hard to embrace. I was never hit. Never experienced any sexual abuse of any kind... never... (gasp)   ... except once when it could have been... something... perhaps... He was a friend of my dads. Well... friend or friend... I don't know now, and didn't know then, [...]


... I felt very hesitant. I knew I wanted to write. Otherwise I wouldn't have started this I knew I wanted to write about personal growth, somehow. But exactly - about what?  About me? I gathered that issue would come out just fine, just as long as I had started. But still something stopped me. [...]

A wonderful day in june

... and I'm slowly realizing I just have to do something about myself. I need to start writing again. Proper writings! Not just shallowy bla-bla. Reading Alice Miller forces me to realize this. It's now or never - and I don't like the sound of "never".