... I kind of miss her...

I feel….

I feel so... I feel... I... don't quite know how I feel, or what I feel. A least I can't put a label on it! I'm not sad, not angry, not ... not anything negative, really! On the whole, I feel good. I like being back in my city, close to my daughters. I love [...]

Reality Check

Literally, today isn't a gray day. It's white. And gray. It's snowing. Snow is considered beautiful, and I agree! A white landscape. Blue sky. Sun shining. Or - why not like this? But still - I don't like it at all. Snowy city-streets and biking-lanes make the whole thing of walking and biking so much [...]

Vegan, the Trial

Yesterday I bought minced beef, eggs and butter... and made myself a burger for dinner... So now what? Did I fail on my quest? Nah... I re-decided. Not completely! I just felt too restricted. And I decide on my own, don't I? What to eat or not to eat. Eight days without eggs and butter. [...]

Vegan – the first few days

Today is day four, and I can't say I have any big issues with the vegan quest. Not so far, anyway. But, of course, it has only been three days! And breakfasts are never any problem! Being without meat, any kind, isn't difficult since I have been eating so little of it and so rarely [...]

Flirting with Veganism – Day minus One

The last egg... and I didn't want it for lunch. No! I didn't feel like eating my last egg stir-fried with some curry spiced whole grain rice and arugula. I wanted a cake! A chocolate cake! So I baked and I used both butter and some sugar to make it really tasty, and it also [...]