Creating a world

It was just as difficult today as it was yesterday, to write something for the Mz Eliza-story. But today I finally began to write sentences like ”I don’t know what to write”, and ”I have nothing to say”, and ”I don’t want to write anything at all, today”. Well, after a while I realized I [...]

Keeping the sunshine within

Not much writing today. On the story, that is. A lot of other writings though, a mail, several iMesseges, notes. Hung on the phone talking to my daughter as well. For quite a long time. I had no idea anyway, what to add to the story. Later I wrote a short scene, most of it [...]

Japan on Netflix

It doesn’t matter if it’s November and NaNoWriMo, I want to watch movies and TV-series once in a while anyway. I don’t say or mean I’m addicted to it, but I like it. Very much! It’s relaxing, it’s fun, sometimes thrilling and sometimes just cozy. Lately, I have been watching a Japanese two-season series on [...]

I must say!

I really love my life now. All that I wanted and longed for when I moved back to my hometown, seems to fold itself out now, little by little. I actually have the TIA, the mini-stroke, to thank for that. Now I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want it, no [...]