Three days gone, and all is well

It seems to be a story as well, not only all what I write. The story itself, consists now of 4108 words, and I still don't know what will happen next. It's as exciting as reading a new book.

This is what I wrote yesterday

The part labeled "Mz Eliza Elderberry" that is. I wrote some other stuff for the NaNo as well, and all are counted for.  Can't help wondering what Elaine would have said about my style and Grammar, and about the characters that pop up here.  HAHA!  😀 😀 😀 The first sentence popped into my head [...]

Time to get serious

Now it is Thursday, September 31 2019. It's still morning, I have had breakfast and am now sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my knees and a cup of coffee on the side. It's calm here, quiet, peaceful, and I intend to write something! But what? Tomorrow, the NaNoWriMo quest begins. Am I [...]

Stage fright

When watching all those movies and TV-series, when reading all those books, when pondering all that I have written so far - is it beyond my reach, to write a whole novel? Maybe I'm a bit morbid or something right now, for some reason, but there are all those thoughts rambling around in my head. [...]


Again I caught myself stuck with a TV-series. Not on Netflix this time, though I after "Salvation" watched the entire two seasons of "The Good Place". Not that that one was a hit, but I didn't know what else to watch next. Then I remembered a British Series I once watched, on ordinary TV I [...]