There was a time, when I took a lot of photos, then edited them, into either this or that. Now, when I see them, I begin to wonder: Where did that time go? How did I come to this? There was also a time, when I wrote poems I don't seem to do that either, [...]

The Appointment – TMM5

Yet another take on Diana's Speculative Fantasy Prompt for May, at "Myths of the Mirror. Andrew Millbourne is now at the planet Technos, have been told about the Technosian's history, why they wear metal implants, and the importance of that. Now there is something he has to do. The Mechanical Man 5 - The appointment [...]

A handful of books…

A handful of the books on my virtual bookshelf... quite multifaceted... It's really awesome to be able to choose whether to listen to a book or read it. For the time being, I prefer to listen - you can be almost anywhere or do almost anything while listening - but you can't get them all [...]

Just an ordinary post

Earlier today I tried to write an ordinary blog post. Nothing happened. My mind had slammed the writing door shut. For a while, I pondered whether to write about the burnout or not. But naah. Why indulge in negative issues? There are better ones to put energy in. But I can tell you this, just [...]

Andrew Millbourne’s big secret -TMM2

Obviously I got a bit carried away the other day, when I wrote "Being another you". Andrew Millbourne keeps on knocking on my mind, and wants his story to be told. So here is the continuing - or rather the "Pre-story". And of course it's still inspired by Diana's Speculative Fiction Prompt at "The Myths [...]