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catch the last warm hours
before the winter comes,
cherish in your memory
and taste them more than once
the sweetness of the autumn flowers
the softness of the sun
close your eyes
– remember –
back again, they will come


(Poem from October 2014.
The photo from June 25, this year, I took at the place where we use to buy our plants to the non-profit organization)

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Worst blogger ever?

Since I haven’t posted anything for some time now? Not written anything new for even longer? Well, I haven’t promised anyone anything in that way. Haven’t even given myself the promise to blog often and regularly.

I have been doing other things. Especially meeting people, and been enjoying myself in different ways. I’ve also continued reading the Legend of the Icepeople, have just begun reading book 17 out of 47. This series is so thrilling, so good!

Also been watching old episodes of Dr Who. Have them all, everyone from 1963 and further on, and are now watching the sixth doctor, played by Colin Baker. 1984 – 1986.
On the whole, I like Dr Who, even though there are adventures I’m not too keen on. Yes, some I might even find a bit boring. Yap! Sorry, but I have to admit that.

About blogging! It should be fun. If one hasn’t got any other reason for doing it, it should at least be for the fun it. If not? Why bother?
I still think it is fun, that’s not the issue, but for the time being, my mind goes to a lot to quite different tasks. Like what’s going on here in this growing neighborhood. It’s so much going on that I want to participate in. Especially this non-profit association we are starting up concerning the community gardens.

There are also family-matters. This weekend I visited my youngest daughter, together with my other daughter and grand-daughter, since my youngest’s son had his 6th-year-old birthday party. We all had a lovely time. In peace and quiet! The birthday party with a lot of kids will take place next weekend. 😉

Now, I’m spending time on the sofa, caressing a cold, sore throat and such… Outdoors the remaining of a quite fierce storm is rumbling about. So not even the faintest thought of a biking or walking tour. Maybe there will be some writing done, instead? I’ll try to! But surely, I’ll also be taking a nap, keep on reading and watch more Dr Who episodes.

P.S. The cake is a Pavlova: Meringue, whipped rich cream and berries. Yummy!

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Work in progress

I was trying to write something to the blog, but obviously it hasn’t been a day for words. After breakfast, I went to the library intending to work on my novel. And it was hopeless! It was as if I didn’t know any English words at all. Except for the most common ones.

To be honest, I didn’t find the proper words that I wanted in Swedish either. Not for today’s chapter. I could claim I had porridge in my brain. Then I got tired and went back home.

It seemed easier to find words now, in the evening. But still, what I wanted to tell you about have some technical terms, and I couldn’t get it together as I wanted. Though this time, I could at least express myself in Swedish. No trouble with that. Anyhow! I deleted that first try-out.

Second try-out!
Thanks to the fact that I for some time now have engaged myself in what is happening at the local library – which is way more than just an ordinary library – I’ve also learned to know new people and are “Hi” and “Hello” to quite many now. And I’m also engaged in several activities there.

Remember her? At least she looks happy…

(And on Monday begins the Painting classes for the spring season. I’ll give that too a second try-out.)

And now comes the tricky part for me to write: Around in the city, the municipal has for some years – I don’t know how many – had the responsibility for small garden areas, that then are managed by people living close by.

They are meeting places not only for gardening but also for getting to know the neighbors. Translated straight from Swedish, those are called “Plantations (or gardens) without Boundaries”. No boundaries, as in “everyone is welcome”! White, black, green or blue’s – Christians, Muslims and Jews. We all have red blood, love God, and cry when we are hurt.

So we, ordinary people, are seeding, planting and cultivating. Flowers, berries, greens, herbs, or whatever we want. And everyone is supposed to help taking care of the garden. In the way, as each can do it. Whether it’s planting, watering, weeding, or taking care of it in any other way. And of course, we will all be enjoying the beauty of it all.
(You just wait and see the photos… )

These gardens are also places where we just meet each other. Having coffee together, or barbecuing in lukewarm summer evenings, or just sitting talking. Pausing. Relaxing. In “my” garden, we have a greenhouse as well with both running water and electricity installed, and some suggestions have arisen about a small cafeteria where we can sell coffee and tea, and perhaps ice cream. Organic of course. But that is just a thought so far. Not an impossible dream, though.

Tip-toe through the tulips…

Now, from this year, 2020, the city has decided not to have the responsibility for these gardens any longer. They are “selling out”, figuratively speaking. Instead, we city slickers are offered to take over, turning the gardens into non-profit associations.

So in my part of the City, we who are connected to the library in one way or another, are taking over and start up our very own garden. Well, we continue taking care of the already existing one. Well, again! As a matter of fact, in this neighborhood, there are three gardens under the same “roof” since there are three localities .

So I was asked to participate as a member of the board, I accepted, and was also asked if I would like to be the treasurer. I said yes to that too, and this Tuesday we had our first meeting. I think it’s quite thrilling actually. And fun.

The terminology… hm…

I had no photos of the garden, so I guess I have to take some to show you. If only the days would stop being so gray and rainy. But better later than never, I guess.

So this photo isn’t from our Garden. Instead it shows a bit of the garden of Sofiero. The famous Castle just north of my city. Helsingborg.

Though, also we have a greenhouse, and lots and lots of flowers.


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Yesterday, I began listening to a guided meditation video on youtube. After a little while, I glanced at Hopi who was beside me. She was totally still, totally quiet and it seemed like she too was listening and meditating.

Does this Swedish cat understand English? Do cats understand every language?

Did she really meditate?

And I promise, she wasn’t physically connected to neither the Internet nor the electricity.

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Compact Being

At least temporarily. Having a cat sitting in the sofa, between Interior Design on Netflix and my knitting project. (And some other stuff.)

That’s life! For the time being. It’s pretty nice. But hairy.

hopithecat & devonrex

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Hopi is back

For her annual vacation at “grandma’s”. 😀
And she sniffed her way around, when she came, peed in the kitty-sand, and kept on checking my flat. Then she found her old place on the window sill, and after that she hid under my bed. Took a nap.

So… I covered the sofa with a big blanket. Whether you like it or not, Kitty, it will remain there.

She came this afternoon and will stay for two weeks. My daughter, Hopi’s “mother” is already missing her. But they are leaving for Spain tomorrow, and are due back to get her, on the 28th.

I wouldn’t mind spending two weeks in Spain. Not as cold and dark as here. And would have nice people around me. My daughter, her husband, the Kiddo, and the in-laws.

Well! It is as it is, and soon it will be spring again.

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Finally, I have begun working on the manuscript to “The Lives and Whereabouts of Mz Eliza Elderberry”. Well, I needed a vacation, didn’t I?

I have been rather lazy these two weeks. Spent a lot of time watching “Gotham” on Netflix among other things. I like that series. About those years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, focusing on James Gordon, the police detective, and all the other classic characters in the city of Gotham. Selina Kyle, the Penguin, the Riddler and so on. In a bit different forms…
I hope Netflix will send season five as well in the near future. I’m watching season four now, and it will come to an end sooner than I want it to.

During these weeks I have also been meeting friends, and it seems to be more and more to participate in, the closer we get to Christmas. If I just open my door and go out. Which I do. When you keep on going out meeting people in this area where I live, you also learn there are even more places to go to, to meet people. In this area. And often the same people, and new ones!

It’s so fun! I just love being retired! Saying Hi and Hello and knowing where I can go to be acquainted with someone or many, it’s such a treat.

Okay! I’m home a lot as well. Sometimes just dwelling. I admit. But I’m also knitting a turtle-neck sweater while watching “Gotham”. And today, hence, I began to work on my story. At last, Mz Eliza!

Began by deleting everything that didn’t have anything at all to do with the story. Updated Scrivener, it behaved very oddly so I checked if there were any updates available. And it was! So I did!

Then I made a copy to be sure I would have the first draft handy if I needed it for some reason. Finally, I translated Chapter one to Swedish and made some minor editing. Chapter one was fairly good as it was. 1890 words now. Almost 300 more than the English version.

Felt really good about that, and began to bake some bread. I have still some hummus left from yesterday. It will be yummy!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a chiropractor. I am so tired of my stiff aching body, so I just had to do something really concrete about that problem. My body need some professional help to be able to heal that.

I’ve begun to write a bit about that on my old Thea-blog, the predecessor of this one. It’s a bit pity that that one should just be lying there dormant. So, you’re welcome over if you would like to read a bit about health, chiropractor-treatments, food-supplements and such.

And Now! I’ll eat some freshly baked bread, still warm and nice. To that, I’ll watch a movie – or perhaps the next episode of Gotham! 😀

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Under the old chestnut-tree, over the fields

Still on my weekend visit at my daughter’s. The weather is lousy. Icy cold, feels like below freezing point, even though it isn’t. Close enough, though.

It’s cloudy, gray and very, very windy. Raining? Not sure. Will NOT go out today and realize it is.

It seems I’ll get an hour or more to spend with my novel today. Have just a little more than 1800 words left to write, then I’ve reached the 50.000 for NaNoWriMo. Feels good. Finish today?

I love to be here, but I also miss my home, my preferable food, my everyday habits. But soon enough I’m back home again, and tomorrow night I’ll sleep in my own bed. And miss not being here any longer.

The weather looks a lot better on the photo, than when I look out through the windows.