Some minor changes

I suddenly realized that the yearly cost for my premium plan and the domain was due to pay. Like .. now. Almost. Tomorrow, my tomorrow. Which is soon. It's just that... I'm a bit short of money... so many extra costs since midsummer. The car, the iPhone, the eye-emergency visit, and some other "happenings". On [...]

Lost intentions

Yesterday I had in mind, that I today would clean the flat and then dedicate myself to some writing. Instead, after breakfast, I couldn't resist my urge to take a bike-ride. I don't know yet if that was stupid or wise. Yesterday I biked downtown. First to the library to return a book. Then I [...]


No writing today. Hardly. These are the only words Today! My daughter is here, her 5-year old kiddo and a friend of hers. They are going to sleep over. Two nights, maybe three. We are all acting like tourists. In my city. I LOVE IT! But who can write then! Though,  I must write at [...]

Time to do something

I really should begin writing today's scenes in my manuscript. Now! But I really do not want to do so... Am I stupid if I skip that writing for one day? Probably. Or not. I have had one of these so-called eye migraines today, and also headache. Don't usually have headaches just that odd eye [...]