Where are the bunnies?

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Obviously there are those who have had a lot of fun with balloons lately.

They must blame it on Easter… 🥴🤣

Biked to the mall,
nothing fun there at all,
but fun someone else have had,
turning balloons to an egg,
then put it in the midst of it all.

Yeah, I biked to the mall today. Thought it would be fun.

No! Not fun at all. I don’t like malls! I don’t like all that people around me.
This was the highlight, and I laughed out loud – silently, within my mind.

Really do prefer to make walkabouts at Ikea.
And not at weekends…

So, it has been friend-thursday again

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It was really hard to write something for Camp WriMo today. Okay! The day isn’t at its end yet, there are a couple of hours left until midnight. But still! Do I really have to settle for 456 words only? I was aiming for at least 700 to the Story – and then also a couple of words here on the blog.

A couple! HAHAHAHA!!!

Guess I’ve been a little bit too much occupied with other stuff today, and the mind has not settled into writing mood yet. Let’s see how the mind feels after some evening snack. And I don’t mean crisps and chocolate.


Yes! It’s Thursday today! My friend-day!
In the afternoon, at my women-dominated-friend-group, sometimes a guy called Jim joins us. Men aren’t forbidden, you know, but we see little of them.

Charles, the priest, comes now and then and says “hello” and have a cup of coffee and chat for a while, but it’s certainly not every Thursday. But this Jim fellow comes quite often. He works with the teenagers in the church, but there are hours when there is no teenage gals or guys present. They won¨t come until 6 PM, and when all his paperwork is done, Jim has not much to do. Until 6 PM. So he comes and chats with us. You could say, he is helping out with the deacons tasks.

So he comes visiting us! And we really do appreciate it, all of us do. He’s such a nice person! Young, I guess he might be in his early thirties, and seems to be able to talk about all and everything. Last Thursday, he and I discovered we were equally nerdy, and in the same way. Fantasy!
OH! The word fantasy doesn’t cover it at all. We talk here about Star Trek, Dr Who, SciFi, other worlds and dimensions and parallel universes, time travels, shapeshifters… ALL you can think about under the labels Fantasy & Science Fiction. And don’t forget about Mythology!

He’s also managing these role-playing games with the teenagers. He showed me a book about it, and what kind of characters the players can choose from. There was also some history of those mythological characters.

Such a treat! Someone to talk nerdy with! 😀 And the ladies around us were in a totally different world. I mailed him my first “chapter” of the Solar Eclipse, and he wants to read more. He thought it was catchy, he wanted to know what will happen later on in the story, and got really hooked, he said, in the end where I wrote that the time was dead.

Yeah, I too want to know what will happen in this story, with these characters. There is five of them now, including the Villain. There can’t be a story without a Villain of some sort. Especially not in a dystopian fantasy, as mine.

Look! How nice!


Yesterday I was looking for some kind of badge for the Camp WriMo. Didn’t find any!

But today I must have pushed the right button, because there it suddenly was! I wonder what else there is on that page, that I need but haven’t found yet

However! Oddly enough, have I already written todays task. 702 words. My “normal” writing time is during evenings, and sometimes quite late.

So at the moment a feel a bit off. Haven’t been outdoors today and havn’t done anything ordinary.

Now I’m just pondering what to do with today’s text and what updates I might wanna do on the blog concerning my Camp. But I have the rest of the day to ponder that.

But soon I’ll bike to my grandson, to take him to the doctor.
Not quite ordinary either. And I hate driving car downtown
But what don’t you do…. ❤



Doesn’t the version I created look quit nice too?

Five for Friday: Beginnings

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Oh, my goodness! I wish I HAD a beginning! At all! Even if it were the worst of all times!
(And I DO mean for a novel or a short story or something. 😉 Otherwise, all is fine…)

Story Empire

Ciao! Today is a “Five for Friday” post, and I thought it might be fun to see how a novel begins.

I don’t know about you, but I find beginnings to be difficult. I’m an outliner, so I have a plan when I start and I know what I want. But getting in the groove and finding just the right way to open the book? It takes me a while.

I thought we could look at the progression of beginnings today, as penned by one of my favorites: Snoopy.

Snoopy's Novel Openings

I have to say, my beginnings aren’t that good the first time through. (Yikes!) 😩

So, I put it to you, SEers. How do you feel about your beginnings? And what might your next line be? (Gotta get the king in there!)

Let’s talk about it.

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And so it is

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Caught a cold again…

Awoke Tuesday morning with a sore throat. On the spot a week after the last cold had left me. That one had a lot of muscle pain, and stomach trouble and icky fatigue to and fro, and just enough snottiness to tell me it probably was due to some kind of cold virus. This one feels different, more like a real cold with a heavy head, runny nose and all. Don’t want to do anything during the daytime but stay on the sofa.

Last time I had a more severe and long-lasting cold, was exactly three years ago. So after this, I’ll stay clear from any cold at all, for the next couple of years, shan’t I?

I put this upon myself, in a way. Like a month ago, when beginning to feel a bit off, I begged out in the blue that if it was necessary for me to catch a cold, please let me suffer from it in a period I don’t have the duty to drive my grandson!

This week he is on vacation at some skiing resort in France or somewhere. At least the name of the place, which I forgot as soon as he had mentioned it, sounded french. I could be Switzerland as well.

During the previous cold-period. I was lucky. The circumstances made it that I only had to drive him a few afternoons, and the rest of the time I could spend on my sofa.

I’m not sure I could have driven him this week, my head feels twice the normal size and when doing something, I just want to get back to the bed or the sofa. I can’t even imagine myself going out with the garbage

So I guess one gets what one asks for.

I also guess it was necessary. Boosting the immune system. After the first cold I felt better and stronger than I had done before those weeks, so when this cold is over I’ll for certain feel over the top strong and healthy!

And that’s about time…

Been busy


For quite many hours the last week, I’ve been trying to reach some kind of order among my photos and images. Not the easiest task, goodness knows, but somewhat necessary. I don’t know what I have, don’t know where to find a particular item, and everything is a total mess. So guess how it feels, when I now find this, and that, and those…

Nevertheless, I have sorted out before and also deleted lots and lots of images. And occasionally some I shouldn’t have. I can’t f.ex. find 10 – 15 from Stockholm… but, but… it isn’t that important. As long as I don’t delete any of the good ones I’ve created myself

I don’t like Apples “Photos” at all! It’s hopeless and a huge nuisance. A couple of years ago, before one of those upgrades of the operating system, can’t remember which one, it was okay! Not good, but reasonable! It was when they called it “iPhoto”.

Adobes Photoshop Elements 9 and its organizer were pretty good. But the one I had got old and stopped functioning. No! I’m not interested in the Creative Cloud that Adobe now has to offer. Must admit it’s a bit tempting to have not only Photoshop, but also InDesign and Illustrator. But that would be way too expensive. Every month paying a sum for something I don’t use regularly! Illustrator would have been a pure luxury thing. Have actually no use of InDesign either, but when I worked a lot with making folders and such those years, it was a great tool. Though, at that time the church paid for InDesign.

I might have the use for Photoshop, especially if an organizer is included as well, but still a cost I’m not prepared to admit to. If so – I want to buy, not lease!

So for the time being I’ve settled for an app called Hugo. It’s free and is quite good to use while sorting the images. One has a good view of the items and can easily move them from one folder to another, including creating new folders when needed.

Not the ultimate storage place, as it seems, but for the time being it’s good enough. Later, when I’ve decided which images I’ll store on an external hard drive, and which I’ll have handy in some kind of Cloud, then I’ll take the next step.

For now, I’m working on the MacBookPro emptying “Photo”, and aim for only having “Photo” as a short time storage place. One of the reasons for doing that, is that my iPad is getting old and has limited space. Only 16 GB to begin with, so 1000-1200 photos/images or more is impossible to have there via iCloud Photos.

Not even the Photo Stream is useful since there is not even enough room for that many photos either. Should guess about 100 photos at the same time is the limit, if I want to be able to do anything else on the iPad as well. The stupid thing is, when using iCloud it’s connected with the iPhone and the Mac – which per se is excellent – but yet those images take up physical space on the iPad! And with iCloud on, I can’t delete photos from the iPad only. They will be deleted everywhere else as well.

So, no iCloud involved with my photos and images! Since I mostly use the iPad when editing images or playing with one coloring app or another, to get those images and also keep the storing space as clean as possible, I have to send images to and fro iPad/iPhone/laptop all the time. Mostly I use AirDrop to do that, but sometimes I have to send by mail. I also have the stupid habit of saving the Jigsaw images as well, for some reason… and screenshots when I find something nice I want to save…

With just a smaller amount of images on Photos, I can have the settings on iCloud Photos or Photo Stream, and for now I’m working on getting there someday soon. During this weekend, hopefully.

As I started to say earlier, I don’t like Photos at all. It’s more like a stream only, not a good storage place. Of course one can create albums, a kind of tags, but if I forget to tag a photo – nothing tells me if there is a photo – or hundreds – that are untagged. It’s like WordPress – stupid updates that are supposed to make the work easier, but instead makes it less so – and more irritating…