Worst blogger ever?

Since I haven't posted anything for some time now? Not written anything new for even longer? Well, I haven't promised anyone anything in that way. Haven't even given myself the promise to blog often and regularly. I have been doing other things. Especially meeting people, and been enjoying myself in different ways. I've also continued … Continue reading Worst blogger ever?

Chistmas Ending

So! Now it's over. All the Holidays and all the Festivity. If there have been any festive days, that is. For me, I'm pretty glad these weeks now have come to an end. I don't regret even one thing... and I've been smiling quite a lot Not that I've had three bad weeks! Not at … Continue reading Chistmas Ending

Sofa weekend

Some days you feel, you have to do nothing. Or at least, as close to nothing as possible. This weekend is just that kind of days. Yesterday, Saturday, was literally a sofa day. I did have help from the weather to do that. It was awful. The rain was pouring down bucket-wise, and it was … Continue reading Sofa weekend