Further thoughts on “Skinny bitch”

In my last post, I just gave a quick glance at this book which had made me curious. During the afternoon yesterday, I listened to the entire book. Only four hours, so not much to brag about. The excerpt gave an image of a really funny book, and for sure, there were some remarks that made me laugh out loud, But on the whole, it is – in my opinion – a very serious book about a very serious topic. The excerpt also claimed it was a book about a diet, and okay! I can agree on that as well.

Not your typical
boring diet book,
this is a tart-tongued,
wake-up call to
all women who
want to be thin.

With such blunt advice as “Soda is liquid Satan” and “You are a total moron if you think the Atkins Diet will make you thin,” it’s a rallying cry for all savvy women to start eating healthy and looking radiant. Unlike standard diet books, it actually makes the listener laugh out loud with its truthful, smart-mouthed revelations. Behind all the attitude, however, there is solid guidance. Skinny Bitch espouses a healthful lifestyle that promotes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and encourages women to get excited about feeling “clean and pure and energized.”

But it is also so much more!

Since it is published in September 2007, I’m tempted to call these two women to be precursors to Kip Andersen – the Movies “Cowspiracy” 2014, and “What the Health” 2017.
Well there is much I don’t know about this, the health realm is huge, but I know there is a growing movement now, focusing on eating Vegan, and especially Whole Carb food – Plant strong.

In Skinny Bitch, they are not only pointing out what to eat or not, but also highlight the horrendous way cattle and chicken are being treated on their way to the slaughterhouse, and all chemicals, pesticides, and hormones we stuff our bodies with when we eat meat.

Which, by the way, isn’t supposed to be the staple food for us humans,

All this and more, are being presented in “Skinny Bitch” in a very cunningly and yet easily understandable way. Rory and Kim let us also know about the frauds that are made to as all when making us believe milk, cheese, and other dairy products are healthy and that eggs are essential for us.

Maybe this could be true – if eaten in moderate amounts, and in natural ways. Organic, grass-fed, no-stress… do I need to go on?

Cows milk is food for calves – not for humans.
Neither for children nor grown-ups.

Cows milk is not only unfit for humans nutritionally, but it also contains addictive substances. Yes, it makes you feel good, and you want more.
… and that is not good for you…

And behind all this is Big Money! The Business thrives on us! They want us addicted to cheese, f.ex., since they earn more money then! And of course Big Pharma don’t want us to get healthy. They get richer if we stay ill!

So! The fabricated food today makes us sick – and then… the only thing that can make us healthy again, is to take charge of our own bodies,  and choose healthy food! … and skip the drugs from Big Pharma!

For quite many years I’ve studied nutrition and dietetics, including Ayur Veda. All of a huge interest of mine, so I could delve deep into this matter, But for the time being, I won’t.

Maybe later on, when I’ve settled in my new apartment. Instead, I’ll give you some tips on where you can find more about this:

Besides perhaps reading this book, on Netflix you can watch both those previously mentioned movies, Cowspiracy and What the Health, along with other movies on the same theme. Two more examples I remember are: Fat, sick and nearly dead and Forks over Knives. At least I hope you can still find them there, I haven’t had Netflix myself for at least half a year now.

You can of course also find a lot of this on YouTube, where lots and lots keep popping up as soon as you have found the first one. And even more about food and health. You might even go “Raw” afterward…

Google for Whole grain, Vegan, Plant-strong – and you’ll also find a lot about natural health, including you’ll find that many bodybuilders, athletes, and other sportspersons who now are Whole grain Vegan,s since they’ve found out that they are both healthier and get better results as vegans than as “meat-engulfer”.

At last – Just a couple of links to where you can start finding more information:


Forks over Knives

This image of the baked potato with chickpeas, I found on “What the Health” homepage


Just a hint!

This seems to be a book well worth listening to. Not as much because of the food advices, but rather for the humorous way of writing these point of views on health – and being slim.

(No, this isn’t a link, neither an audio clip, just an ordinary screen clip!)