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Update – just a bit

It’s a bit emptying to write like this. Since I have other tasks to perform during the day, I’m usually not home and free for the day until 4 PM.

I don’t complain! Not at all! After eating something – and I’m hungry when I come home – I have the rest of the day all by myself. To do whatever I want with it.

And I’ve been writing! In these three first days of July-Camp I have written 4310 words on my story!

It’s just that I don’t have much energy left now to write a blog post!
And I have to get up early tomorrow.
And it is not only very windy…

The weather forecast has promised heavy raining,
both rain and heavy wind are NOT fun to bike in…
(hope they are wrong, I can manage the windy part)

Anyhow! It is really fun to write on my story, and so much is happening I didn’t anticipate. It is like reading a new, good story while writing it!!! Wow!!!!!!

And it is soon Friday, And weekend!

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July, 1 – and the quest has begun

So it has started! The Camp. The WriMo. Thirtyone days of writing. Wow! I love that!

Began the quest with 1196 words – my goal is 1000 words per day for 31 days – and to my own surprise, there was a new person in the game! And two more characters, whatever they are. At first one was a hawk and the other was a rat, but that was performed as disguise only.

I kept on for several hours over lunch. At the beginning it was hard. Oh, I got words out of me, but they came slowly and not until halfway through the Muse came. It was Albert today. Then it speeded up. The smile took over the face, the heart and the mind, and the fingers began to run over the keyboard.

I wonder what will happen next. You do know, don’t you, that I write what I want to read? So you could say, everything comes as a surprise since I let the inner me rule. The innate always knows best.

Along the road, I can also see I put seeds to grow, and make connections with other scenes and characters, and in the back of my head, I have began to ponder how this person will meet the other. And why.

All this is so thrilling.


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Today I have read a little more than two thirds of the story I intend to keep on writing on, at Camp WriMo during July. Yes! Continue writing on “The Solar Eclipse”.

So far I see good parts and bad parts, Excellent parts and lousy parts. I see many too wordy parts, and parts that need more. And it frightens me stiff. Will I really be able to continue this story?

Oh yes, I will!
The editing doesn’t bother me, that is just hard work. And I exaggerate when I say it frightens me stiff. But the story needs so much more and I do wonder what will happen next in the story. Now, when I sit here late Saturday evening, I have absolutely no idea how to continue writing.

But it will come to me. I have all the time I need, so skip the fact I have written so little during the last weeks. I expect my Muse to show up and whisper in my ears. Just as he has done many, many times before.

Yes. You read right. My Muse is male. His name is Albert and he is a tough one. Most times he looks like a forty-something years old biker with big muscles and a huge moustache covering most of his face. He always demands a large mug of black coffee and a bacon butty. The larger the better.

“Come on, come on,” he says and waves his hands towards his belly. I don’t have bacon now and wonder how he will react to hummus on the bread instead. And a tomato…
I hope he still will make me laugh, though.

Other times he comes as an old wise man. Almost like a monk in his appearance. And he bows to me with his palms put together and whispers positive affirmations in my ears, He prefers herbal tea or just plain water. It doesn’t seem like he has a name. Every time I ask, and that’s every time he comes, he just smiles at me and bows. Always bowing.

He is weird, but I like him. With him, I write the best. In my mind, I call him Yogi. He must be able to read my thoughts, because every time I think that name, he smiles at me and crinkles his face in a cooing laugh.

Some times a young woman has come. She claims to be me when I was young, but I don’t know… That sounds like nothing more than a fairy tale. I didn’t look like that when I was young, with big curly red hair and hazelnut eyes. I always wished I looked like that, so maybe it was me in another time, in another life?
She is the quirky one. The one who gives me the odd characters and the foul words, And the urge to dare myself.

So who will be here, in two days time?
Or will I meet another one?
A new Muse that inspires and make me run
my fingers over the keyboard til all is done.





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Soon time for Camp WriMo

July! The wonderful month of July!
And so there is Camp WriMo!

i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i
(Just a happy crying out loud)

I have already signed up. Have set a goal for 31000 words. I managed to increase the words in April, from 15000 to 24000 and yet finished a couple of days early. So now I’ll start with 1000 words per day on average, and might maybe be able overachieving that setting.

I plan to continue to write on “The Solar Eclipse”, and since I also am about to integrate “The Mechanical Man” in that story, I gather I might have a decent chance to get a full Fantasy novel out of this.

Well! I have to write more than these 31000 words though. Of course!
For the time being, I have a total of 34100 words. With the upcoming 31000 it will only be 65100. Need a bit more to get a good Fantasy story.

I just have to have a nice dragon in there as well, you know. A magic dragon!

Anyhow! I really look forward to July 1, and the challenge. Just the bare thought of it, makes me feel a heavenly thrill of anticipation in me

Concerning the Eclipse and the mechanical man, please do pay attention to the menu. You’ll find a couple of excerpts from The Eclipse under “Short stories”. The Mechanical Man – you also find from the menu, all nine parts.



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Oh, these days…

For ten days, I haven’t been writing anything that could be labelled fiction. It’s a pity – but not horrible. But if this not-writing will continue longer, it will be horrible. I had hoped for more, when I finally began writing again.

Though, I’m not mad about myself. What good would that do? On the contrary. I would only feel miserable. I understand, and accept this hiatus since I know the reason why, and also know I soon will be writing again.

After been suffering from that burn-out for many years, without being able to neither read, write, nor listen to music (and more), it’s brilliant I have begun writing again at all! So what if I yet haven’t got the every-day-writing as a firm habit?

In a little less than two months, 56 days in April and May, I have written 34 100 words! Not counting blog posts!

So what if I have 10 days off?

I had hoped for Diana’s writing prompt for June, though. But due to personal matters she couldn’t do that this month. I understand, and look forward to July.

I also look forward to July months edition of Camp-NaNoWriMo. I obviously need a bit of pressure on myself to continue to write every day. Until I am self-going again, anyway.

And I will be. Self-going. Soon.


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A three days long vacation

Or is it technically four? A added the last day’s achievement of writing for the Camp WriMo early in the morning that last day, so in a way, it is four. I realize though, I have to start writing again as soon as possible, since I know, the longer I wait, it has a tendency to be harder to begin writing again. So get going, Thêa! Whether writing or not writing this evening is not an option, it is a Must Do!

What have I learned during this month of Camp-Writing? First of all! I can still do it! I still have it in me! The words, the stories, the lust, the wanting. The NEED – to write, to live in writing-mode!

I guess I’ve been scared in a way, after the burn-out. Have been afraid I would discover that I had totally lost the ability, so I didn’t even dare to try. I have told myself: ” I can’t!” And:  “I have no imagination!” And other stuff like that.
And – admit – besides the burn-out-fatigue, I’,m most certainly also a lazy-butt. Have to be pushed, sometimes, to start doing things…
(hmmm… adhd…)

I discovered I can write in a different way from how I wrote earlier. That I can sit there and just write, don’t edit, don’t aim for writing the story chronologically, from page One to page Whatever! But every day just start writing something and then let the inspiration flow! Don’t think too much, don’t try to control everything, just let it comes whatever will come, and don’t stop to check or correct or anything.
Some smaller editing I had to do along the way, though. Correct spelling, for example, couldn’t go on when I saw I spelled something wrong. And each day’s session when finished, I added to Grammarly to see what it had in mind for me. But the next day – new writing.

Sometimes I read a little bit here and a little bit there, just to remind where the characters were and what they were doing, and when there was about a week remaining, I read all of it. And added 1056 words while doing that.

I found…a lot of telling, to change into showing…..
a lot of seeds to saw…
a lot of questions, to be answered…
And all those …MATTERS… that will stay where they are for the time being.
There is so much more to be written before I start the real editing work. I don’t have even half of a novel yet. Ten percent???
But I have ideas… and hunches… and have been presented to a couple of surprises while writing. It’s amazing when a new character shows up, just out of the blue.

Yes! I feel that too. Will I really be able to not only continue writing pieces and scenes to this story but also managed to mix all this into a good, readable story? With living characters, exciting events, a bit of humor here and there – on the whole – create a story that can catch the reader? (That is – Me!  HAHAHAHA!)

Never mind…Okay!!!!!
The answer to the question: “Will I ever…” is: “No, you won’t if you don’t try.”
NO! STOP! Change that! – Change it to: “Just do it!

A cool note: I checked how many words I wrote now... 551
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Camp WriMo finished!

And I feel sooooo good!!!

Wrote 400+ words late yesterday evening, finished only a few minutes before midnight, but decided to wait until today until adding the word account on the Camp WriMo site.

This morning I read the text through, changed a couple of word choices and added a couple of sentences. Then I added the last scene to the manuscript, counted all of it, and validated it on the Camp.

Winner? Am I a winner? Of course, I am! I reached my goal and even wrote a bit more!

Have been pondering earlier… before I entered this camp…
… in that sense, everyone that reaches his or her goal – is a winner!
It can’t be any other way, can it?

I’ve read sometimes, that “I am the winner of NaNoWriMo in year 20XX!” Like if there were only one winner. How much difference is there between the NaNo and the Camp? If there could be only one winner – what would the criteria for that be then?

It can’t be because it’s an excellent text, or a fantastic idea – no one over there will ever know since they don’t read it, other than – maybe – what we might have published on the Project info and Camper info pages. Even more stupid if the winner would be the one that finishes first… That would be totally rubbish! This is not a contest to see who finishes first.

Anyhow! I’m the winner in my own world, and I’m very proud of myself. Never thought I could write every day about something I didn’t even have a clue about in the beginning; and reach the goal of 24 000 words; and finish four days before the deadline.

Even though I got very tired in the end, I have also had so much fun exploring this story. And there is a lot more to come to this. So many more questions to be answered. So many more seeds to crop.
So much more work to do… 😀

What is the number of words then, that I’m bragging about, now when finished these 24 000 + ones. Due to myself – Scrivener and also a graph in an Excel-file – I have written 24 159 words.
Validated on Camp WriMo – it’s very odd – it says I’ve written 24 226 words! I really wonder, where those 67 words have come from!
Maybe Camp counts words like “long-legged” as two words, while Scrivener and Grammarly count them as one?

Anyhow! I don’t mind! 67 words in a novel are merely more than a handful of sand in Sahara.

Now it will be great to relax a bit, and write something else but contributions to that story, like a blog post or two. But I guess it won’t be long until I sit here again with Jaycee, Bill, the Judge, and the others.

The Judge, by the way, is the character in focus in this scene I wrote late yesterday evening. It’s fun when you discover other sides of a personality, especially when it also reviles he/she too are manipulated and threatened by “The Tribe”, like several others in this story. And I have yet no idea who or what this “Tribe” is!
Must find out! 😀


And now I’m awaiting Diana’s writing prompt for May… 😀

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Friday evening

Not that late though. Only 6.30PM… and it will probably be at least 7.30 before I’ve finished writing this post. Or 8.30… or…

Oooops! As if I haven’t done enough writing lately! I’m really good at my Camp-story. Earlier today I wrote like circa 1000 words or so of really lousy writing. A lot of Telling, and almost no Showing. Mostly babbling. Like now. On the other hand – I’m about to know my characters very well! Not all seemingly evil beings, are only evil. Except for the Judge, maybe… But he might surprise me as well! Who knows? (Me?)

Then I kept on writing. I just couldn’t stop there I thought, when I have so little left writing to do. And what do you know!!! The last 150 – 200 words or so, there I just got it, and I finished the last sentence in a kind of chock!

No! I didn’t finish the number of words that was my April goal! (But almost though) It was that last paragraph that revealed something I certainly hadn’t expected. It was sooooo gooooood!!!
I’m pondering now, whether I shall write more today or not, but I think not. Today’s work did render me 1275 words, which means I now in total have written 23745 words, which in turn means I have only 255 words left to write!

Am I good or am I good!!!

Some of what I’ve written came out really good almost at the first try. Some are good. Some are really lousy, and the rest – are more or less bla bla bla. Telling, not showing. But I think I can use most of it, maybe everything in some way or another – after some earnest rewriting.
What is fun, really a turn-on actually, is that there are so many clues in the story that I just have to explore. And almost every one of them just popped up, by themselves as it seemed!

But for now, I’m really tired. Not of the story itself, but especially the last week have felt that I have nothing more in me. Have had no idea at all what to write, and have really wanted a couple of days off. But I have been writing anyway, and got really amazed when it actually came words out from me!

Okay! It’s been tiring to have to write every day, but to be honest – that wasn’t the major cause of the recent fatigue. The week before Easter I had a lot to do, more than usual. One – I was driving my grandson three mornings out of four – AND – fetched him in the afternoons all four days. (His mom, the hairdresser, had a lot lot lot to do that week.)

Anyway! I. Do. Not. Do. MORNINGS!

So now you know. Bad sleeping. Tired tired tired! And on top of that, I’ve been very sloppy with my eating habits for a couple of weeks now. Too little greens and too big portions of pasta, bread and such. But worst of all – I’ve been eating cheese! And been buying those delicious Café Lattes. AND I tried eating the real goat cheese stuff – the brown one – since I read somewhere that if you can’t eat products made of cow milk, you might be able to eat products made of goat milk. And I LOVE that brown cheese!  Have always!

It’s just that I shouldn’t have…. eaten… all that… PLUS what I stuffed myself with on Easter Sunday when we were visiting my youngest daughter and her family for Easter lunch (et cetera). Lots of eggs, and sausages, and that awful Swedish specialty made of raw fish. And I don’t mean Sushi…

Today I’ve begun feeling better again, not that deadly tired any longer – and I really do hope I’ve learned the lesson now. This isn’t the first time, you know…

And now it’s 7:30 PM – seems to be a personal record in “fast writing in English”…. Is that due to all the Camp writing where you have to ignore what you have been writing to be able to keep on writing… ?)

At 7:35 today, April 26, 2019 – Quite a graph, aha…