Changing key

I was about to get a bit worried! I haven't written anything that could be called literary, for more than two weeks! After all, writing went very well during March... very well during April with both CampWriMo and Mini-NaNoWriMo, and also very well during May with Diana's speculative writing prompt and all I wrote about [...]

I forgot to tell you

You might have read, and may remember, that I not long ago wrote about the moment when I said "I love you, Mom", then started to cry and after that felt so much better in my relationship with her. This could have been kind of an awkward thing to say, considering Mom has been dead [...]

I love you, Mom!

Just the other day, when I was on my way home from the grocery store with a load of fresh fruit and vegetables, my thoughts were mingling along this blog. I had planned to write about my childhood, the abuse and so on, when suddenly - there was no more to write about! I felt [...]


When I was little I used to be at my Grandma´s while Mom was working. I don't know how old I was when she first started to take care of me, I just know I was there during the years before I began school. There was once a photo of me from the summer I [...]


After I had finished the "Part four - Conclusion" the other day (last night),  some kind of "nothingness" fell over me. Nothing bad, really. Not at all. I just didn't do anything. Other then my usual tour on the bike, I read some, spent time at the sofa as long as it was too warm [...]