Colors as saviors

(A rerun from febr 2, 2019) Some years ago, 2013-14 I think, when I lived through my worst burn-out period and could neither read nor write due to difficulties to concentrate, I was saved by coloring. Coloring instead of writing, let my inner self find a way to express my need to be creative. Actually, [...]

Early morning stroll

These images are from my walk around that small wood not far from where I live. May 15th. 2,2 km. A bit nippy, but nice. Except for..., this was the day where I at 1,7 km, wished I could teleport to the car. I don't want this walk undone, though. On the contrary! I'm still [...]

Is it summer now?

After way too many cold days, windy days, gray days, rainy days - we have a wonderful warm, sunny day. After breakfast I biked to the mall, and then continued on a bike ride. In total - 14,5 km. Now, in the afternoon, I'm sitting on the balcony having a good time. I even need  [...]


There was a time, when I took a lot of photos, then edited them, into either this or that. Now, when I see them, I begin to wonder: Where did that time go? How did I come to this? There was also a time, when I wrote poems I don't seem to do that either, [...]

Apropos painting

Never say: I can't! Maybe it was true when you were five, or maybe ten years ago. Maybe it was true even yesterday, or an hour ago. Does that mean it will be true tomorrow or for the rest of your life? No! I can't draw and I can't paint. That's something I've said to [...]