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I love this movie!

In another lifetime, I must have been there and then…
With all the painters and writers…
inventors and scientists…
musicians and explorers…
Europe, late ninetieth and early twentieth century…

Sometimes, someone…


Sometimes, when I feel like it, when I want to be entertained, I open YouTube and there I go for Britain’s Got Talent.

Sometimes I want to see comedians, sometimes magicians or dancers. There are lots and lots of talents to be amazed by. Just let the shows go on.

And Sometimes – there is Tokio Mayers.

So brilliant!

Hopi, the Cat!

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The three weeks are gone now, and Hopi is back home again. This Saturday my daughter and her family came visiting, we had lunch together and later coffee and cake. Then late afternoon they all left. With cat. And all.

No more mjiaos.
No more purrs.
No more a warm being sleeping on my stomach.
No more kitty talking.

No more hair over it all, including neither in my face nor nose.
No more smelly stuff – poo, pee, food… you know… bad breath?
No more cat litter on the bathroom floor and the hallway carpet

No more another living being in my flat.

I admit! I miss her!
Despite the fact I don’t actually want to have a cat in a small flat like this.
It’s kind of empty.

Tossing and turning

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She seemed to like to play with the small towel I had on the floor in the bathroom, so I gave her one of her own. But of course! The funniest poses she made when I didn’t have my iPhone at hand.

Just the day before Christmas


And everyone is rushing around in stores, buying… buying… and buying…

… except me. 😀

Well! I did buy eggs, fruit and veggies in a smaller facility. That went well. But, on my way home, I passed a large food + other stuff store and it was more or less chaos on the parking place and the streets passing it.

That is – for sure – not my cup o’ tea. Or coffee…