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Yesterday, I began listening to a guided meditation video on youtube. After a little while, I glanced at Hopi who was beside me. She was totally still, totally quiet and it seemed like she too was listening and meditating.

Does this Swedish cat understand English? Do cats understand every language?

Did she really meditate?

And I promise, she wasn’t physically connected to neither the Internet nor the electricity.

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Hopi is back

For her annual vacation at “grandma’s”. 😀
And she sniffed her way around, when she came, peed in the kitty-sand, and kept on checking my flat. Then she found her old place on the window sill, and after that she hid under my bed. Took a nap.
So… I covered the sofa with a big blanket. Whether you like it or not, Kitty, it will remain there.

She came this afternoon and will stay for two weeks. My daughter, Hopi’s “mother” is already missing her. But they are leaving for Spain tomorrow, and are due back to get her, on the 28th.

I wouldn’t mind spending two weeks in Spain. Not as cold and dark as here. And would have nice people around me. My daughter, her husband, the Kiddo, and the in-laws.

Well! It is as it is, and soon it will be spring again.

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Keeping the sunshine within

Not much writing today. On the story, that is. A lot of other writings though, a mail, several iMesseges, notes. Hung on the phone talking to my daughter as well. For quite a long time.

I had no idea anyway, what to add to the story. Later I wrote a short scene, most of it a dialogue. A sad dialogue. Someone is crying, and the other one is comforting, by just being there.

But I am not sad. I’ve arranged with my youngest daughter to visit her and her family next weekend. We were texting about trains, when to leave, when to arrive. Then we talked on the phone as well.

And then I was trying to do everything the right way when booking the ticket and paying for it. It went well, and I’m really looking forward to see them again.

Hopefully, the weather will be okay. I chose a train that will give me 1,5 hours to spend in the southest situated city in Sweden. On November 22nd, the weather can be almost any way. Cold, or not so cold. Wintery, or not. The sun might shine, or not. But I’ll guess it will be cloudy, maybe even raining. So we have to have the sunshine within us instead. And that’s okay! That’s more than okay!

I intend to visit the bookstore. Been there before, loved it, and I really do hope it’s still there. Been an awfully long time since the last time I actually visited this city, not just driving through it as I have done when visiting my family earlier. But now I’ll go by train, and she will pick me up in her car, and drive the 20 kilometers home to their house.

Her son, my youngest grandson, will turn six in February. Soon a big boy, a schoolboy. His name is Leonard, called Leo. What a name, eh? He’s cute and wild and have a great personality.

I’m so looking forward to visiting them all.

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I must say!

I really love my life now. All that I wanted and longed for when I moved back to my hometown, seems to fold itself out now, little by little. I actually have the TIA, the mini-stroke, to thank for that.
Now I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want it, no matter whether it’s about meeting people or sitting home alone watching movies, reading or writing. Or, for that matter, taking a nap after lunch.

I participate in many of the library’s activities, and some of the church’s. I have reconnected to old friends, and have gained many new ones. Many of them are living in this neighborhood. Which is a very good neighborhood. And by that I don’t mean particularly posh, snobbish et cetera, I mean there lives a lot of lovely, kind, and friendly people here. It’s easy to blend in, easy to talk to people, everyone says or at least nods a ”Hello!”, and not only the ones living in the same building as I do.
So I feel very comfortable here. There are places to go to, things to do, and there is also the privacy of my own home. Which I feel very comfortable living in.

If, and when I want, I can easily bike downtown, to the beach in the summer, to one of the many parks I can chose between, or to the huge shopping mall and Ikea east of the city, only 5 kilometers from where I live. All around the city, there are many possibilities to take bike-rides. Along the almost never-ending seashore perhaps, or north- or eastwards through woods and fields. There are ”tourist-traps”, castles and such, but also plain, wonderful nature. Some areas quite deserted.

Okay! I am still a bit anxious and worrisome after the TIA, don’t want it to happen again. But it’s natural after such circumstances, and it will pass. I have also still quite stiff muscles, probably very much due to the worries, but that will also pass and soon I’ll only have a faint memory of what has been.

So I enjoy myself, I meet people, and I laugh a lot. And then there is the awesome part when I am home alone, reading, writing, watching some movie – and so on. I’m happy and content!

I wouldn’t mind someone special in my life, though, but I don’t need anyone to make me happy or make my life worthwhile. More like having an extra cherry on the cake! For sharing, laughing, hugging… for love!

But as I said, it has to be someone really special. To me special! Someone that suits me, and I him. For mutual benefits. Not anyone just for the sake of not being alone. I am much rather alone with myself, then being alone in a twosome.

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Good old times

Good old body in good old jeans. Real jeans, made of robust denim – at least I think they are.

They have been hanging for a long time in the wardrobe, waiting for me to be slim enough to wear them again. Oh! There’s nothing wrong with all these stretchy, thin cotton trousers that look like jeans, but the real ones? There is without a doubt something special about them.

And they have been waiting for me. Waiting, And waiting…

“Ah”, I thought this morning. “what about those jeans? They must fit me now.”
I’ve lost 6,5 kilograms so far, approx 14,3 pounds, and I wasn’t obese before. Just overweight. So it shows. And feels. And my friend Marianne commented. “That’s a lot! You aren’t tall.”

“A lot?” I said, though didn’t agree. Not quite. But felt very pleased she said so. I wanted to lose ca 10 – 15 kilograms, circa 22-33 pounds, altogether. Depending on how much training, biking and walking would add muscles and burn fat on my body.

Marianne just threw a half-smiling glance at me. Said nothing.

And then there were the jeans. That I haven’t been able to wear for quite many years now. Though for some odd reason kept on storing in the wardrobe. And today – they sat kind of lose upon my hips. Had no trouble with the zipper, to get it up. Had no trouble with the waistline. No trouble with the button. None at all. My legs almost got lost in them.

I loved it!

Love it!

But still have no objections to my stretchy ones. They are a woman’s best friends.

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A quite different kind of Writer’s Block

I called my Mac-friend yesterday evening, about the weirdness with my MacBook. Neither Safari nor Firefox worked properly. All tabs and bookmarks went missing. Finder windows didn’t open, or closed when I opened something else. When I wanted to move a folder or a file, it created a copy instead. And when trying to open something on WP, it downloaded that one instead. Really weird. And when I restarted the Mac, it didn’t help one bit.

My friend told me to restart it anyway, but as soon as the sound began I should press the Shift-button and keep it pressed down until finished. Then I could open my files and start working again. Well, I did as he said and at first, it seemed to be all right. But just a couple of minutes later – the Mac acted just the same. Did I do anything the wrong way? I don’t know. But I restarted once more, being very thorough to press down the shift-button immediately, and than open my files and browsers directly afterwards.

This time it seemed to work, and so far everything seems to be just fine. He had said it probably was bla-bla that had locked itself, and don’t ask me what this bla-bla-word was that he mentioned. I forgot it less than a second after he had told me, and I wouldn’t have known what it actually was anyway.

A quite different kind of Writer’s block.

Wondering, though, what might have caused this. I had put in a USB-stick in an attempt to find empty space to keep a bunch of folders. But the stick was not new, I had used that on my Mac before and never found anything weird about it. Except now, when I found loads of stuff that was duplicates to stuff I still have on the Mac. Odd though, that I had to confirm that I was allowed to delete a lot of files. Have I really put one of those protecting shields on them? And was in fact the stick to blame for the odd behavior? Or was it just a mere coincidence?

Today all seem to be fine, but I ponder whether I should dare myself to put in the USB stick again. Not now, anyway, but maybe tomorrow! Just to see what happens. Though it wasn’t particularly fun to start all over making all those preference choices again, from the beginning, both on Safari and Firefox. And the beautiful theme I had on Firefox was completely gone. 😦


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I was just sitting here, after breakfast with my now cold coffee, when I threw a glance on this blog. Quite a boring sight. Not the theme per see! But all the white!!!!

Often I see blogs that are white, almost all white, and with astounding contents. They are so beautiful. Maybe with a personally created header text. Photos. Or an appealing layout.

I get a bit envious and want my blog to be equally beautiful. But every time I try to create a white blog, I soon get bored with it.

I guess I’m not a white person. On the other hand, not a black person either. And I don’t mean the colour of my skin. I guess I’m more like a soap bubble, reflecting the rainbow.

Since I like the theme itself, I thought I would just change the background colour. Pondered some soft yellow-ish, orange-ish…tested a few… then randomly picked one of the suggestions from WP.

And there it was!!! A bit different depending on the screen. On my MacBook, it’s quite bright. More of a red tone. On the external screen, dimmer, more to the orange. It’s hot pepper. Red brick. Dark yellow-red-ish mandarines.

I like it!

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How to do to prevent harvesting

Well, I don’t know  – but this women seems to.

How I stopped Tygpress stealing content.

What I shall do about it, I don’t know yet, have to ponder that. But export all content to the blog that started this one, and then set that one on private. Keeping it as a backup. That is probably a good thing to start with.

This one? Probably set all old ones as Private, or delete… delete all images? – OH gosh! I don’t know! Would be sad to only keep the most recent ones here visible! But a bit of cleaning up might be a good start. Could be needed anyway.

Setting posts to Private took them away from Tygpress, but came back when setting them back to Public again. Except for 22 ones I had had as Private for several weeks, don’t know how many. They, didn’t show up on Tygpress at all. The Bot’s path to those had obviously been cut off by then.

But we can’t do that! Then no one can see and read our posts! And that’s why we blog, isn’t it? To reach out!

I also that day deleted some photos – they were still visible at Tygpress.
I made two posts rerun, from January ’til just a couple of days ago, but they didn’t change their position at Tygpress.

How many harvesters can there be out there, and is it worth the time and energy to keep on bothering about it?

Of course – that can only each and every one of us decide for ourselves.

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Do we need another search-site?

And was that really the intention?
This tygpress-thing…

Okay! Apology excepted – or?

I mean, who creates a blog/homepage/site – and then not check to see whether it is functioning as intended or not. For more than a year? Not one who claims to be professional, that is for sure.

I am not quite sure they are telling the truth in the message below, that now can be seen at their site, but at least there seems to be no physical harm done to our blogs and posts.

But! They have violated our integrity. They have shown no respect whatsoever, as well as no knowledgeability when it comes to creating something for the Internet. Not even links back to us added?! Sloppy!