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On the road!

I started my novel! … or what ever it will be.

I did reach 2049 words today, so why can’t I collect this badge? Does it have to be exactly 1667 words? Or do I have to get all those other badges first? Like: been writing 2 days in a row, 3 days in a row, 7, 14 and 21 days in a row – before I can get my well earned 1,667 words written in one and the same day?

Which, by the way, is almost on the dot exactly (this Elaine wouldn’t approve of) 1/30 of 50,000 words.
It’s actually 1,66666666666666666… and continuing like that forever… and ever…

Well! There are still glitches and bugs or something on that site. Maybe that is the explanation for this mishap. The major important thing is, after all, to be able to add the day by day achievements to the stats.

And I can do that. November 1, 2019 – 2049 words written.

YES! I brag! And will continue bragging! I’m proud of myself today! Maybe I am on the road again! My writing road!!!

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What a difference a day made

November. The first day of the month. NaNoWriMo-month.

In 30 days, I hope to have reached 50 000 words. I have no specific plan to what I shall write, but I had an idea to start with and so far, this first day, it went very well.

I have also decided that all I’m writing, shall be added to this NaNo-plan – that actually isn’t a plan at all – since my first goal, what I aim for the most, is to write every day, and as much as possible.

If the idea I started with today will turn into either a story of its own, or can be added to my fantasy novel about the Solar Eclipse and the Magic City, it will be wonderful.

If it leads to the fact that I also after November 2019 will continue writing daily – it’s not only a 50 000 word winning! It will be a much bigger price than just 30 days of hard work will render.