a moment
suddenly here
and then suddenly gone
just a breath away
a snapshot of god

The Do

What do I do,
when I don’t do,
what I should do?

I could say I hibernate,
I almost do.

Lingering time with
thousands of thoughts
in a never-ending story.

Better to run, to hide,
to be on my own,
when things go wild,

(From Sept 14, 2014)


in the dawn of august,
no longer day,
still, not quite night
but soon enough
soon an inky blackness

the wind has gone to sleep
pines reflect in a colorless mirror
calmly, still and quiet

a lonely diver
a solitary cry
a nippy emptiness

(inspired by a bad photo taken in august 2008, poem written Sep 27, 2014)

Poem – you never know…


In twenty years
from now
I might not even be alive

death might have taken me
one early morning
to give me a joyride
to the moon and the sun
and the heaven above

you never know…

or maybe I’ve turned into
an old bitchy lady
with henna in the hair
purple-flowered skirt and a voice
like a discordant…

you never know…
it might be so

or I will be doing great things
this little aging lady
with hair fully gone white
a neat little dress and stiff upper lip
steady hands and a flair for
esprit de finesse

you never know…

no, I don’t think so
especially not
the neat little dress
and the stiff upper lip

as a matter of fact
I haven’t the slightest clue
what will happen
while I grow older

I just go with the flow
with the meaning of life
and I live my life
in this very instant
forever and ever

that, I know

(Nov 9, 2013)

Poem – The Centerpiece!

Ten seconds! Then you smiled at me.
In my arms, warm and sturdy.
My heart kept
beating and beating and beating
of love.
I had lost my heart in less then ten seconds.
I lost it when I first laid my eyes on you!

❤ ❤ ❤

For my youngest grandchild when he had just turned four months old and I met him for the first time.

Now he and his parents live much closer to me, and in less then 2 weeks we will all gather together and celebrate his 6th birthday.

No! I won’t add a photo of him.
That is privacy matter.


Old = Odd ?

I was browsing a very old blog of mine, that now are lying dormant. To my own surprise, there was not only photos and some (more or less) silly texts. There was also what I had called “Odd poetry”. Here is one of the oldest, written Nov 5th, 2013.

I am boring
oh so boring
have nothing of importance to say

something happened
what has happened?
I think my muse has flown away

maybe she needed a vacation
and flew to southern states
lying there sunbathing
in utterly beauty and grace

I hope she’ll come home soon
I miss her very much
we used to have fun together
and now my life has crushed

I hope she soon will be bored
with the sun and the blueish sky
then rise her wings and fly back
and I promise, I won’t ask her “why”