Old = Odd ?

I was browsing a very old blog of mine, that now are lying dormant. To my own surprise, there was not only photos and some (more or less) silly texts. There was also what I had called "Odd poetry". Here is one of the oldest, written Nov 5th, 2013. I am boring oh so boring … Continue reading Old = Odd ?

Chasing fractals

Once I made an image, and called it time Don't remember why We count our days and hours, have numbers as symbols, use them for time passing by, trying to make the world understandable, catchable, maybe even - meaningful? We cut our lives in smaller pieces, days, hours, minutes, seconds... fragments of what actually is not? … Continue reading Chasing fractals

The Do

What do I do, when I don't do, what I should do? I could say I hibernate, I almost do. Lingering time with thousands of thoughts in a never-ending story. Better to run, to hide, to be on my own, when things go wild, inside. I think I do.

Bright moon

You talk about safety when the endless nights fall and the owls scream against the naked moon. Oh you fools, who sit in the dark corners and believe in promises from a dying star. Soon you'll be watching the end of the world as you know it, with tormenting thunder and coldhearted creatures rushing in from … Continue reading Bright moon