Rule One

We are a self-destructive species

If you are still not aware of what we, as a species, are doing to ourselves and our world - I really do hope this will wake you up! Just listen to what Neale starts his talk with, and listen carefully! I just don't get why the audience is laughing so much. They should cry, [...]

have gone yellow

mean yellow, the color. don't mean jealous or something like that mean that I for some reason have gone from dark to bright but there has to be some yang in the yin and some yin in the yang or else there is lack in balance    

Laziness can be a habit

Silly as it may seem, I got an AHA-moment about that. Habitual laziness. Oh! Maybe not so silly after all! Anyone can blame anything, for not doing something. "I can't do that because I am... too fat... too old...too ugly... have ADHD... don't have time... he/she won't let me... it's too cold... it's too warm..." [...]