And so it is December!

The NaNoWriMo has ended. I could say: "Goodbye to you! We will never meet again!" But I know one should never say never. My standpoint just now, however, is that it isn't likely, that I will participate again. But as I said - never say never. I did reach the goal though. 50.000 words, reached [...]

Creating a world

It was just as difficult today as it was yesterday, to write something for the Mz Eliza-story. But today I finally began to write sentences like ”I don’t know what to write”, and ”I have nothing to say”, and ”I don’t want to write anything at all, today”. Well, after a while I realized I [...]

Oh, these days…

For ten days, I haven't been writing anything that could be labelled fiction. It's a pity - but not horrible. But if this not-writing will continue longer, it will be horrible. I had hoped for more, when I finally began writing again. Though, I'm not mad about myself. What good would that do? On the [...]

If the end isn’t good, it isn’t the end – TMM9

The Mechanical Man 9 - If the end isn't good, it isn't the end Doctor Fredriksen, who the entire time had been very understanding and kind, had popped into the recovery room for a chat when Andrew had awoken and began to feel like himself again. ”How do you feel, my friend?” ”Quite all right, [...]