Into the Darkness – TMM8

The Mechanical Man 8 - Into the Darkness It is pitch dark around him. "Odd", Andrew thinks. All the other times he had been in surgery, it had become pitch dark, and the next second there was light again and he had been on the table for hours. And now? ”What’s going on?” he says [...]

About “The Mechanical Man”

When I wrote the first part about The Mechanical Man - Being another you - as a reply to Diana Wallace Peach's #writingprompt at Myths of the Mirror, for May, I had absolutely no idea it would be  anything more than a fairly short story about someone who called himself Andrew Millbourne. But he grew [...]


There was a time, when I took a lot of photos, then edited them, into either this or that. Now, when I see them, I begin to wonder: Where did that time go? How did I come to this? There was also a time, when I wrote poems I don't seem to do that either, [...]

The Appointment – TMM5

Yet another take on Diana's Speculative Fantasy Prompt for May, at "Myths of the Mirror. Andrew Millbourne is now at the planet Technos, have been told about the Technosian's history, why they wear metal implants, and the importance of that. Now there is something he has to do. The Mechanical Man 5 - The appointment [...]

Time in Space – TMM4

    The Mechanical Man 4 - Time in Space "During the time in space, the Technosians had encountered other species, some friendly and other - not so friendly, and thanks to that adapted new skills and learned about other ways to live. But they were still depending on the regeneration chambers for energy and [...]