After I had finished the "Part four - Conclusion" the other day (last night),  some kind of "nothingness" fell over me. Nothing bad, really. Not at all. I just didn't do anything. Other then my usual tour on the bike, I read some, spent time at the sofa as long as it was too warm [...]


It's hard to write about mom. I've been writing in my head for several days, and now I've been sitting in front of my MacBook for several hours. Everything that come out through my fingers seem like rubbish. Or at least blurry and unorganized. That's okay, per se! Not everything I write comes out more [...]

Back to normal. Or?

This sunday I visited church. I haven't done that for a long time, not on Sundays, but I do have friends there and I wanted to catch up. Or - to be more honest - to be a bit more socially active. We have a thing going on at church on thursday afternoons which I [...]


Just the other day, I was lying on the sofa and my intention was to ponder my childhood according to my mom. Instead I suddenly came to think of my dad, and how much I still miss him. I started to cry, and while sobbing I said out loud: "Oh daddy! I miss you so [...]