Hot chocolate

Oh, what a day!

Four weeks remains to go, and today I went to my apartment to be! All us new inhabitants to one of the new-built apartments in this new-built house, were invited to look around and get some proper information about this and that. Since I've lived in one or another of this company's buildings on several [...]

Further thoughts on “Skinny bitch”

In my last post, I just gave a quick glance at this book which had made me curious. During the afternoon yesterday, I listened to the entire book. Only four hours, so not much to brag about. The excerpt gave an image of a really funny book, and for sure, there were some remarks that [...]

Just a hint!

This seems to be a book well worth listening to. Not as much because of the food advices, but rather for the humorous way of writing these point of views on health - and being slim. (No, this isn't a link, neither an audio clip, just an ordinary screen clip!)

Only 38 days left to go

Five weeks and a couple of days, until my move to the new apartment. The realization hit me hard when I saw how little time it is left. Little time, lots to do! Or rather - now it's time to seriously get going with all the preparations. Cleaning. Packing. Inform people and authorities about the [...]