Just want to say “Hi”

Being gone for the Midsummer days, visiting my youngest daughter - and then the car refused to start. Hmmm... Keep your fingers crossed, please, so we can find a car-mechanic early tomorrow morning, and that the fault is easy to fix. For example - just a new fuse. It's not the battery... but probably the [...]

The lost thing

Have you ever realized something you already know? I have, I really like Surrealism & Fantasy! No wonder I've chosen a lot of surrealistic paintings to this blog... ... and Shaun Tan's short movie "The lost thing"! Enjoy!

Anything goes

There was a time, not that long ago, when we thought buying stuff via the Internet was almost impossible, unsafe - maybe dangerous - and maybe even ridiculous. Especially food and medicament. Now we can buy almost anything at all via the Internet, pay with a credit card and get it delivered home almost instantly. [...]

Changing key

I was about to get a bit worried! I haven't written anything that could be called literary, for more than two weeks! After all, writing went very well during March... very well during April with both CampWriMo and Mini-NaNoWriMo, and also very well during May with Diana's speculative writing prompt and all I wrote about [...]


I still can't draw, but I found an app for the iPad called Sketches. Seems like a lot of fun... I want a new iPad. A bigger than the one I have now. More space, please! And one of those pencils... There are also an app called SketchMaster. It kept on closing itself...