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Finally it’s raining

And finally, I’m here again. Both good – but in different ways. The rain because we all need it. Nature needs it. And I’m good because I need to be. To be back in writing mood.

It’s been almost three months since my last post. Well! I’ve been busy, you know! I just didn’t think this involuntary pause would last for such a long time. But now – I decided, and I made this decision very clear, first of all to myself, but also to some other people in my environment. Now was the time for writing here again! Finally!

Not only because of CampNaNoWriMo – but I guess that task helps to put another “do it” upon me. So, I’ve started. Today, I have! Embrace me and say “Halleluja”!

I’ve experienced a couple of times now, that too many words per day stresses me too much. I don’t feel well while writing, and later I have to throw away so much garbage that I have written. So 50 000 words in July is totally out of the question! Also 24 000 feels a bit too much, but 18 000 too little. So in the end I settled for 21 000 words. That’s 700 per day. Better to reach that amount – and keep on writing more, than forcing myself to write 1000, 1200 or 1600 words per day –  and then have to throw most of them away in the garbage dump. If I even will continue writing! I failed in April, you know! Forced me too hard!

But today! I reached for 700 – and got 923. See! I told you so!

I decided to keep on working with “The Solar Eclipse”. Part three now. And it seems to be heading towards the end. One fraction after the other is gathering in the city, and the big battle is getting closer… and closer…

So! That’s it! I managed to write a blog post here as well. Should really be writing something for my Swedish blog  too, and to the one about Food and Health. Also in Swedish.

And I should really do some homework! Like cleaning and such boring matter. Or I’ll stick that until really dark, vet and cold days? Nahhh… those days, such days, I’d rather prefer to read. Or something else that is cosy.

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Got it


Monday, 29th – reached my goal on CampWriMo, 30 000 words. Exceeded it with 184.

Was writing between breakfast and lunch, which was awkward and unusual, but nice to be free from the pressure of “must-do” for the rest of the day.

Had been biking 8,5 kilometres in the morning, and was gallivanting around in the flat the rest of the day – when not playing couch-potato or panting under the parasol out on the balcony. A day too hot to think.

Tuesday, 30th – Made fresh back-ups of the manuscript, put it in different places and on different platforms. As pdf, Pages and Scriveners security-backup. On two different places on the computer and in iCloud.

Then I also uploaded one copy of each (3 files – Eclipse 1 and 2, and The Mechanical man) to my web host/domain, and also sent them there in an email. (No homepage there – only a safe place for email-accounts. And storage.)

Should perhaps have printed the back-ups too, but I am between printers.

What? Have I both belt and suspenders? Are you kidding me? Have you ever lost someting you have written?

By the way! Took the rest of the day off. Decided to take Wednesday off as well and begin working on the novel on Thursday. Could be a good day to begin the next phase.

Wednesday, 31st – Started raining. Been a couch potato. Listened a LOT to my present audiobook.
(Which I finished today.)

Thursday, August, 1st – Didn’t write. Didn’t edit. Instead – baked a chocolate cake. Then brought the cake with me to Elaine. Spent the entire afternoon at hers. She is going to be my proofreader. So… still a giving day.

She is also a writing and reading person, so we both look forward to our collaboration. And friendship. She is helping me, and I am helping her. She has another friend who is looking for a writing class of some sort. Maybe we will eventually be a writing group of three? Or more?

By the way! Elaine knows British English since she was born there, in Manchester, and she has promised to teach me to be better at it. And check my novel for grammatical and other mistakes.

Today she test-read the beginning of my novel, a couple of pages, and then said she wanted to read more. Mailed her part one as PDF.

Now, in the evening, I have been thinking about a couple of things I’ll probably have to change in the novel. Elaine thought my character Jaycee was a young male, and at the beginning, I wasn’t certain myself. It could be either-or, but it glided more and more to being a female. But perhaps that was wrong?

If I change that, what else do I have to change as well? And will the story be better? Or worse?

I will be pondering on that! On what I have now.


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Soon there

I didn’t make it today. Couldn’t write all of the nearly 1700 words that were left. Maybe I had if it hadn’t started burning on one of the balconies here.
Such an exciting life…

BUT! I wrote 955, and have now only 700 words remaining. And I know with what I will begin writing tomorrow!

I see that as very positive!

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For two days I have been reading all that I have written for CampWriMo/July. AND edited! Not so much deleted anything, well, a little here and there, but instead added texts. Here and there.

I have moved a couple of scenes to other places, and also moved and changed within paragraphs and sentences. As a result of changing, deleting and adding, I have increased the number of words to 28345.

When I saw that, I changed back my goal to 30 000. And since I had felt a bit like I had let myself down when lowering it to 28 000, this felt good! After all! I have 4 days left for writing, and only 1655 words remaining – I will manage and then not have to feel like a quitter any longer.  I did, for a while you know, and I did not like the feeling of it.

I admit, that I do do do want to finish this Camp though. Even more now when I have been working with editing for two days. I will try to complete the goal tomorrow, so I then can focus only on thorough editing.

It is nice to see the story unfolding, and also more clearly see what I now have to focus on. When “vomiting” words, I lose contact with the text. I juggle things and do not remember what happens in the story, or what different characters do. At least that is my experience when it comes to writing. I prefer “my old way”.

But since I without a doubt do write from inspiration, always have, it is very exciting to see what happens, how the story folds out. Often, very often, things and events surprise me. Now I mainly wonder what will happen during the “end-battle”. 😀

You could say, it is almost like walking a tightrope – I never know what will happen, but still hang on up in the blue.

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I confess

I lowered my goal on CampWriMo yesterday. From 31 000 to 30 000, and then – later the same day – to 28 000. Why?

Not because I thought I wouldn’t make it. I would, per se. But because I added a lot of words just to reach the daily amount of words. I became more and more stressed to reach the goal, and my texts became more and more gibberish.

I noticed, I relaxed when getting closer to the goal, and after that, I could keep on writing for several hundred words more. But when I add unnecessary words just to fill the daily quota, something is wrong. I even wrote, “it is” instead of it’s, and “do not” instead of “don’t” (and other short forms like that) in dialogues, only because it would enhance the number of words in total.

Not that I didn’t manage to write good scenes as well! I did! I do! It amazes me that I find that kind of scenes within myself. (When writing without thinking.)  😉
But it is so superfluous to deliberately add words you know you will delete later when editing.

The way I write now, for the Camp, is very different from how I usually write. Now, I just vomit words, whether they are adequate or not. That’s partly why I get so surprised that it ALSO comes out a story, and really good scenes! The story is actually driven forward!
On the whole, writing in my ordinary way of doing it, is a slower, more thoughtful way of writing. A lot of inspiration on that way too, of course, but when doing some editing during the way, and always before writing new stuff, reading through what I wrote the day before – gives me a more consistent form of writing. Better quality from the beginning, simply spoken. Less to edit, delete and replace later.

I also usually remember much more of the characters and the story, when writing in my usual way. In the beginning, I did so also with this story, but the more I wrote, the more difficult it got to keep track of things.

Is it all bad to participate in CampWriMo then?

No! Of course not. On the contrary! And it is not only because I get a storyline I can build on later. To me, it is also to train myself to get back in the habit to write daily. And there, the question is: would it be possible to jump a day or two? To not write for a day or two?

I wish I could answer that with a clear “YES”, but I’m doubtful. At least, for the time being, I really should write every day. At least something. If only 200 words! 50!!!

It was more or less a hell to start writing again after those two days when my daughter was here with son and friend. It is possible, that without CampWriMo, the “pause” would have lasted much longer.

For me, I realize that the main cause of the down-scale of my “go”, was the number of words per day I had chosen. It’s not that I can’t write 1000 words or more in a day, but having a “must do” over my head of doing it, didn’t encourage me. It blocked me. After all, during April-Camp, one day I wrote more than 1600 words in less than an hour!
Oh! I will never say “I can’t”!

However! I didn’t want to quit CampWriMo altogether. That would be a personal failure, as I see it. But! Since I chose the parameters for myself, I could very well down-size. So I did. Though, I admit, there was/is a part of me that wanted/want to quit the camp, and instead, start working on the story. Edit. Delete all those empty unnecessary words, straighten up the story… and so on.

But I won’t! I have only 1 715 words left to write, and eight days for doing it. So, of course, I will make it! And probably write more words than those 1715! I just won’t have that same pressure on me!

Especially after a burnout, one really shouldn't add 
unnecessary pressure on oneself. 
What you can't do anything about, you can't do anything about. 
Just let it be.

What it would have looked like with still 31 000 words as the goal
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A win-win?

So now my daughter and grandson, and her friend are gone. Two days passed quickly by but were very nice. Tiring as well, won’t deny that. Four people in a one-room-flat, also sleeping at nights, and I’m not used to having anyone else sleeping here.
But, of course, also a lot of joy having them here.

It was also tiring due to a lot of walking. Both Friday and Saturday. Visiting these “mansion-gardens-museums” and “Castle-gardens-museums”. Lots of that kind of stuff in this city and its surroundings. Nice, even thrilling – but tiring. Lots of footsteps.

I was lucky it was cloudy and rainy the entire Sunday. I didn’t need to be tempted to go out for a walk or a biking tour. So after they had left after breakfast, the rest of the day I acted as a couch potato only. Including taking a nap. Watched a lot of “Lucifer” on Netflix – and tried to write. Didn’t go well at all… dry as the driest desert…

Two days without any writing at all, Friday and Saturday, that is not good. Oh no! Especially not during a CampWriMo month. The writing-brain kind of cramped on Sunday. So not many words were written. Nope! But yesterday I managed to catch up at least reasonably well to my goal. I’m not behind, anyway. But it was quite lousy written, and I have my thoughts about these kinds of quests. For me, that is.

It’s so bad, that it is good! I mean! If you don’t try to do something new, or in a new way, you won’t know the best way for you to do this whatever it is. Every experience teaches something.

This CampWriMo is good in many ways, I will never regret pushing me through it. But I won’t participate in NaNoWriMo in November. That I know for certain, so don’t even try to tempt me.

Here and now, I have nine days left, including today, to fulfil what I have put on myself thanks to CampWriMo. And I will do it. I can do it!!! And I have learnt a lot about me as a writer, the way to write that functions the best for me.

Will tell you more about that at another time. When I have reached my goal of 31 000 words, perhaps!
(Now – 24 660)


I did write a piece to CampWriMo today after all! 1003 words!





Today, July 17th – In total: 20 595