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Not that long ago, I wrote a short story. (Haven’t we all…) Well! This particular one has come to my mind several times lately. It would probably do very well as a kind of Post Scriptum, or epilogue, to my “Eclipse”-story. It’s not particularly long, only 719 words –
But written in Swedish..
So I’ll have to translate it…

Okay! Let’s do it! I thought and tried to find it among my other short stories.

Couldn’t find it!!  – iiiooooiiiiiooooooiiiii – panic PANIC!!!!

Where is it???
I searched everywhere. I couldn’t remember the title I had given it, you see. So I searched for pages-documents, pdf-documents, scrivener-documents…The only thing I was sure of – it couldn’t be written in a word-document.


Then it hit me! The external hard drives! I have several, and among those, there are two quite big ones. The first one, a 2 TB (Terabytes), mostly movies, but it has also a folder with images/photos. Didn’t check that folder out, though. Wonder how many images/photos I can find there, and how old they are?
I thought it also should have been a folder with my writings there – but no. I’m sure it has been, though not any longer.
The other one then! The one with room for the Time machine! Oh, you who have a Mac must know what I mean by that. It’s for BACK-UPS!!!! (Which I don’t do often enough)

Okay! In there it is room for 3 TB, so I thought there would be more than just the backups! There wasn’t, but okay okay! Back-ups are good!!!
Two main folders. One from the iMac I don’t have any longer, and in there was nothing available. It wasn’t possible to open “Documents” and there was no “User”. Doesn’t matter – could very well delete the iMac folder anyway.

The MacBook folder then? OH yes! Oh yes! There were folders alright!!! But in which one was the biggest chance to find the file I was looking for? When did I write this in the first place? Probably in 2015. Remember the circumstances and where I was at that time.

Nothing in the first folder I opened – too new. Nothing in the second – too old. But in the third, or if it was the forth, THERE IT WAS!!!!


It is a good one, you see, this story. And it would so much fit in to “The Solar Eclipse”, and why on earth have I deleted it sometime? Must have been a mistake!

I also found other short stories that I had missed and wondered about. Where are they! And why have they been missing? What did I do when I did it???

I just say this, and I’ll only say it once (at least for now):
And preferably to more than one place.

So, now I’m working on translating this short story, and you surely know by now what I think about that kind of job. (I hate dislike it very much)

But it is as it is! All for the good of writing!

Also today, my friends!

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Today, I didn’t reach 1000 words, but close enough! 967 of them. It’s okay! Though I didn’t think it was a particular good scene. And not until circa 500 words along the path, it started to feel like a flow again.

Though everything doesn’t have to be tip-top at the first draft. It seldom is anyway – or more or less. Some texts are good almost immediately.

Yesterday I wrote 1165 words. Thought the whole thing was lousy. But when I read that scene today, it wasn’t that bad after all. Need of course some editing, deleting unnecessary words, and so on. Can do! But not know.

Todays? Well, the second half is okay – and can be of good use as well as yesterday’s “failure”.

On the whole – I’m still satisfied, pleased and happy. And eager to continue writing tomorrow. Have nothing booked for tomorrow – other that I really should clean up a bit here.

Where do I get it from?

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Let’s say a month ago, that anyone had told me that I soon, very soon, would be writing every day – I wouldn’t have believed it.

If I also would have been told, that I not only would write daily, but also that I would be writing on a dystopic fantasy story – I for sure wouldn’t have believed it! And increase the amount I write every day!!!!????!!!! Oh gosh!

But now, a month later, that is just what I’m doing!
It started with the prompt that led me to write “The Solar Eclipse”. It was very inspiring. Then, on April 1st, I joined Camp NaNoWriMo. I set my goal low. Only 15 000 words, which would require 500 words per day on average. It went well! Better then I thought it would, and I decided two things. To count in the words I wrote for blog posts, and raise my goal to 21 000 words. Which would require an average of 700 words per day.

It looked really good on the stats. Felt proud and happy and satisfied.

Two days later I regretted adding the blog posts words, so I skipped them – and recounted each days achievement. But kept the 21 000 word goal.

So the curve dipped a bit on the scale, but that was temporary. Yesterday I wrote no less than 1289 words!

And today – first I finished with 962 words, but then I got an idea for one of the other characters and that idea ended up with 397 words. So in all today – 1359 words!!!


I realized I work a bit different now than I did way back then, years ago. I don’t edit each scene equally much now – just what I have to do to be able to move on. I can’t let a misspelled word be misspelled. I have to correct it. I also have to check, control, look for the “right” word I need to get it all right. As I want it to be.

Hey! I write in English, not in my native language Swedish, remember!
So, of course, I have to search for the right word now and then. 
Quite often actually... HAHAHAHAHA

Instead, I keep on pushing the story forward in a much better way than I did way back then. I got to keep writing, every day, don’t I? If this enhancement in how I work when I write, is due to the Camp WriMo or if I have matured as a writer – well! I must say – it’s a little bit of both!

I have to keep the story going, new text each day – and I have more confidence in myself that I actually have a story inside me that wants to be born.

But I didn’t know, nor realized, that at its full intent a month ago. I thought: how do I know what to write? How – was never a problem. Just, what. And it showed it wasn’t a problem after all.

So, guess what? It happens all the time! Even though it takes 100 words or 300 sometimes before I really get going.

And I love the story, and I love being in the middle of it.

And do you know what more?
I wing it all the time! Have absolutely no idea what will happen next. It’s me and my inner self who cooperates. And we do it very well.

Very well, indeed!


Time flies when you’re happy

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Suddenly I realized I haven’t been writing any blog post for several days. Four, to be exact. And with emphasis on the word “writing”.
I have been writing for Camp WriMo though! Every day!

When the sun sets and the horizon glows in pink and orange, I ask my inner self: What will we write today? And from who’s perspective? And – if it’s not too early, it has to be at least dusk, I get an answer. So I grab my Mackie, open Scrivener, and start writing. And have immensely fun while doing it.

You know! This is like reading a book! I haven’t even the slightest clue what will happen next! My inner self knows, and this collaboration makes this sooooo fantastic and wonderful! I kind of like not knowing what will happen further on in the story. Okay! Some hints and thoughts I have, but very general ones.

After breakfast today, the first breakfast, I organized a “word-report” and used (actually) Excel for it. Made one column for April 1st to 30th,  one column for the number of words written for The Eclipse, and one for what I write on the blog!

Yeah! Why not! It’s writing! And my first and foremost goal is to get back to the habit of writing daily and regularly! It also seems like this blog, at least for the time being, is very focused on my writings to Camp WriMo.

Nevertheless! I had to correct the number of words I’ve written. I wanted all to assemble with how it looked on Scrivener – this day this many words, and the next day that many. Get all in order and also be able to see the progress from day to day.

At first, it looked totally wrong! Why did Scrivener show a lot more words when I hit the “Manuscript” than when I manually counted the files together one by one? I found the answer. One text that I had translated from Swedish to English, and then adapted so it would fit the character it was meant to – I had forgotten to add it! It was still lying in another folder!!! But in the same head folder as the Manuscript itself.

This work took some time completing, counting and recounting, adding proper formulas to get the table as I wanted it, but finally! I had it! Every day had its own text. The very first one – the one that lies here on the blog as well – and the one I had forgotten to add, earlier and thus chose to add as today’s “job”. Well! Now they are all there! Updated both on the Camp WriMo stats, as well as on my own excel-file.
I’ve now written 7329 words! Not counting this blog post, though. Not yet.  (Here and now – 454)

I actually also raised my goal on Camp WriMo from 15000 to 21000 words

Skärmavbild 2019-04-10 kl. 14.38.29.png

Saturday evening, April 6

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Apropos Camp WriMo; as the text for today, instead of writing a new piece, I chose to add the very first one I wrote. The one I added to Diana’s speculative writing prompt. The one that started this adventure. The Solar Eclipse.

Why? Was I cheating, you think?

Well, I don’t think so! That text belongs to the story. I really should have signed that one to the first day, but I didn’t think about it, that it could have been possible. And what I did write, I couldn’t stop from coming. The story was there and wanted to be written!

During the next few days, there was another thing that over and over again was popping up as I was writing. If you remember (or read it again), I had placed JayCee in a cold environment, but my mind, my Muse, wanted her in a warm – NO HOT! – environment. So I solved the problem by editing the entire thing so it would fit with the heat instead of the cold, and then counting those 1087 words as written today. In total, I now have 4368 words. (I’m the one in my Cabin that has written the most, some of them hasn’t even started. It doesn’t seem so, anyway.

However, I haven’t written all of the texts in the order it will be read later. Two days I’ve accomplished texts that have to be placed somewhere else in the store. In other words – I’ve written in beforehand! Sometimes it’s hard to begin writing a text, so I had some help from a couple of old fragments of ideas. And as such – there are scenes that will be used somewhere else in the story.

Thanks to that, two more characters have also been born. A guy called Theyou, and a woman named Lana. She is fun. Her personality is tough and quick-tongued. A bit bitchy, actually. So fun to write her. And Theyou? I haven’t pictured him yet, not fully. A young guy, quite small, but brave. He has a quest to fulfill. And yes – it’s fun to write him too.
Fun to write all four of them.

What else do I do, except writing?

I am enjoying the warm sunny weather, biking, meeting friends and family, and listen to books. Presently I listen to “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith.
Quite good… Slightly boring…


Before that I listened to a book by “THE Swedish queen of Murder Mysteries”: Maria Lang – Mördaren ljuger inte ensam. from 1949.

Can´t find if this particular one is translated into English, but others are. Check Goodreads or Wikipedia or something to get examples. Some of her Mysteries have also become movies and are very popular now. They are also for sale at f.ex. AdLibris – in a new edition – and not at a low price…

She wrote her Crime fiction for four decades. 1949 – 1990, and I think I have read most of them. If not all…
I like her mysteries very much. And actually, they still feel quite modern!


I also act as a Sofa Potato – quite a lot…

Thursday is Friend-day


Between breakfast and lunch (yes, mostly I eat breakfast late), I went to attend my “women’s group” and had a nice time. Then home for a quick lunch and after that away to my other group of women, having an even nicer time. I’m really fortunate, I know. And I’m grateful!

But! That means I didn’t begin writing until very late in the afternoon. However, this is me! An evening writer so I don’t complain.

April 4, also means Day 4 of Camp WriMo!
What would I Write today? What did I write?

Before I started writing at all, with the #writingprompt a couple of weeks ago, and even more when joining Camp WriMo, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find anything to write about! That my fantasy was still gone and buried six feet under!

But I manage! At least so far, and I have decided to not anymore even think of the possibility of not finding anything to write about. Fear is your worst enemy if you want something done! If you actually deep within yourself don’t want to conceive a writing project, then – be afraid! Because fright will sooner or later stop you. If it even lets you start, to begin with.

So I made a swift decision. I refuse to be afraid any more! Thoughts and ideas will come to me from my inner, higher self! And so far it has. It did between 2006 to 2012 – and it does now!

Today I came to think of a draft/idea/beginning from the time I went to Writing schools. This idea (and I found a couple more) would do perfectly well with the character that suddenly showed up in my story yesterday. Both in the way the character is as a person, AND in the way I wrote both of those texts. First tense, second person.

Oh yes! So I have!!! 😀 😀 😀

What I didn’t like, hated actually, was that that draft/idea was written in Swedish and I had to TRANSLATE IT into English! It was awful! Those in total 519 words (added some extra 130 when editing) must have taken me twice the time to translate/write, then if I had written a story with the same amount of words directly in English.

I NEVER translate! Never!!! Ever!!!
I THINK in English when I WRITE in English!

(Hear! Hear!!!)

I managed to write 519 words this evening – altogether I now have during these 4 days, written 2479 words. If I add those 1097 words in the very first piece “The Solar Eclipse”, I’ve now a story with 3576 words.

I’m pleased! I’m happy! And I feel like I’m back on track again. The daily writing track! This story might perhaps even BE something! BUT! I’ll not write aiming for publishing – at least not as the first and most important drive. I’ll write because it’s funny and I enjoy it so very much.

By the way… For the time being, none of the texts I’ll write and have written for Camp WriMo are published here in the blog. I have to think about that option for a while. A short story is one thing, but if this story grows into something more then just a … gag… – and there is a huge possibility it will – I’ve better not publish any part of it on the blog. Not just yet, anyway. After all! It is only a First Draft!!! There might be a last draft as well!
And then, done and ready! We aim for that, don’t we?