Yesterday, I began listening to a guided meditation video on youtube. After a little while, I glanced at Hopi who was beside me. She was totally still, totally quiet and it seemed like she too was listening and meditating.

Does this Swedish cat understand English? Do cats understand every language?

Did she really meditate?

And I promise, she wasn’t physically connected to neither the Internet nor the electricity.

Hopi is back

For her annual vacation at “grandma’s”. 😀
And she sniffed her way around, when she came, peed in the kitty-sand, and kept on checking my flat. Then she found her old place on the window sill, and after that she hid under my bed. Took a nap.
So… I covered the sofa with a big blanket. Whether you like it or not, Kitty, it will remain there.

She came this afternoon and will stay for two weeks. My daughter, Hopi’s “mother” is already missing her. But they are leaving for Spain tomorrow, and are due back to get her, on the 28th.

I wouldn’t mind spending two weeks in Spain. Not as cold and dark as here. And would have nice people around me. My daughter, her husband, the Kiddo, and the in-laws.

Well! It is as it is, and soon it will be spring again.

Hopi, the Cat!

(a rerun from Jan 21, 2019 just because Hopi the cat is so gorgeous)

The three weeks are gone now, and Hopi is back home again. This Saturday my daughter and her family came visiting, we had lunch together and later coffee and cake. Then late afternoon they all left. With cat. And all.

No more mjiaos.
No more purrs.
No more a warm being sleeping on my stomach.
No more kitty talking.

No more hair over it all, including neither in my face nor nose.
No more smelly stuff – poo, pee, food… you know… bad breath?
No more cat litter on the bathroom floor and the hallway carpet

No more another living being in my flat.

I admit! I miss her!
Despite the fact I don’t actually want to have a cat in a small flat like this.
It’s kind of empty.


Just a brief greeting from Hopi The Cat, the Devon Rex beauty owned by my youngest daughter and her family.

I haven’t seen her, nor them, irl since she lived with me for three weeks in January. I was supposed to visit them in February, but twice I’ve been forced to cancel due to this seemingly eternal cold that comes and goes in my body.

And now I’ve got one of those cold blisters on the inside of my lower lip. *deep sigh*

How to live with a cat…

There is this question, that I guess most of us have gotten one time or another.  The question is: “Which pet do you prefer, a cat or a dog?” The actual words can differ, but the underlying meaning is: are you a cat person or a dog person?

Often this question is asked where there are groups of people. It can be at work, at school, in some kind of gathering where we have to do something together two and two, or more, or in other group connections. It’s said that cat-people works best with other cat-people, and as such – dog-people works best with other dog-people. If that is true, I don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

So, there are those who prefer cats and those who prefer dogs. But there are also those who can’t choose. Those who like both cats and dogs! In this psychological work/study/group scenario, they are said to work well with both cat- and dog people and as such can fill in any need or empty space in a group.

Well! There are those, who like neither cats nor dogs, but that’s quite another story.

I am one of those, who like both! I could have a cat or a dog, or both, or neither. Depending on circumstances in life, and maybe especially – on how I live! Place me in the countryside somewhere, preferably together with someone, with a garden around the house and pure nature all around – and I wouldn’t hesitate at all to have at least one of each.

But now I live in a one-room flat (literary one room) in a city. Okay! I have a balcony, but would that be enough? It could – but personally, I don’t think so!

This little cat, I now temporarily have the care of, gives me the opportunity to feel deeper about this, and it doesn’t make me long for a cat of my own after these three weeks. She´s adorable! Very gentle and calm, threads carefully around here – also on the windowsills – and are also quite cuddly. She eats, drinks, sleeps a lot, and does her business in the litter tray, and has found her favorite space in one of the windows. But still! I don’t want one as my own. Not here.

On the downside: I don’t like the smell of her food – dried pellets for weight control with the taste of chicken. I hate to have to take care of the litter tray. It also smells, and if I happen to enter the bathroom just as she has been there – it smells really icky. I don’t even like the smell when she lick herself. What’s with her breath! Or maybe it’s the saliva together with the fur? And body parts! And I don’t like all the loose hair that sticks on everything The blankets, my cardigan, my nose…

Well, the fur-thing was worst during the first five or six days. Now it doesn’t fall of as much any longer. My friend R explained to me, that it was due to stress. I can easily understand that. At first – to live in a family, And then just a couple of months later, being transported to a different person and a different place. No wonder the Kitty experienced stress! I also noticed, after those days, she also begun to eat, drink and sleep more. But also got a little bit more reserved. Maybe we are a bit alike, we two…

A little bit about her!
She’s five years old, have had a couple of litters, and have never been outdoors in her entire life. She was born and spent those years at a cat-breeder, and I don’t say it has to have been a bad life! When my daughter and her family took her in, she was in a good shape, except for some overweight. Though despite the fact they live in the countryside, with a garden, and fields and farming-lands all around – she refuses to go outdoors!

If I remember correctly, she must have moved into them at the end of August last year, and it, of course, took her some time to adjust to her new home. So, at that time, going outdoors wasn’t even an option for her. Hopefully she will, eventually, at least when the spring has arrived and the weather is getting warmer. And the whole family is out in the garden.

I feel so sorry for her now. In this flat! Only me! Isn’t she bored? Almost nothing to do but sleep! She won’t even play with anything! She’s not running around from wall to wall (luckily)! Is that the life for a cat? Okay okay! She was surrounded by other cats and kittens earlier. Now she’s alone… with us! Better? Or worse?

Oh! Now I seem to indulge myself in a cats whereabouts. What this actually is – is the thoughts of my own. It’s not that inconvenient for me. I am always sensitive to scents, so that part is a bit… well, I can cope…. and it’s really wonderful when I lie down in the sofa and she puts herself over my stomach and chest, wants to be cuddled with, and just puuuurrrrr…

But! A cat should be able to feel grass under her paws, sunshine on her head, be trying to catch flying insects, and occasionally fetching a mice or two… and not having to eat dried food pellets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day…

That’s what I would have wanted if I were a cat…

P.S. If you put a catperson in a group af dogpersons – would it be some extra creative dynamic then?