So, it has been friend-thursday again

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It was really hard to write something for Camp WriMo today. Okay! The day isn’t at its end yet, there are a couple of hours left until midnight. But still! Do I really have to settle for 456 words only? I was aiming for at least 700 to the Story – and then also a couple of words here on the blog.

A couple! HAHAHAHA!!!

Guess I’ve been a little bit too much occupied with other stuff today, and the mind has not settled into writing mood yet. Let’s see how the mind feels after some evening snack. And I don’t mean crisps and chocolate.


Yes! It’s Thursday today! My friend-day!
In the afternoon, at my women-dominated-friend-group, sometimes a guy called Jim joins us. Men aren’t forbidden, you know, but we see little of them.

Charles, the priest, comes now and then and says “hello” and have a cup of coffee and chat for a while, but it’s certainly not every Thursday. But this Jim fellow comes quite often. He works with the teenagers in the church, but there are hours when there is no teenage gals or guys present. They won¨t come until 6 PM, and when all his paperwork is done, Jim has not much to do. Until 6 PM. So he comes and chats with us. You could say, he is helping out with the deacons tasks.

So he comes visiting us! And we really do appreciate it, all of us do. He’s such a nice person! Young, I guess he might be in his early thirties, and seems to be able to talk about all and everything. Last Thursday, he and I discovered we were equally nerdy, and in the same way. Fantasy!
OH! The word fantasy doesn’t cover it at all. We talk here about Star Trek, Dr Who, SciFi, other worlds and dimensions and parallel universes, time travels, shapeshifters… ALL you can think about under the labels Fantasy & Science Fiction. And don’t forget about Mythology!

He’s also managing these role-playing games with the teenagers. He showed me a book about it, and what kind of characters the players can choose from. There was also some history of those mythological characters.

Such a treat! Someone to talk nerdy with! 😀 And the ladies around us were in a totally different world. I mailed him my first “chapter” of the Solar Eclipse, and he wants to read more. He thought it was catchy, he wanted to know what will happen later on in the story, and got really hooked, he said, in the end where I wrote that the time was dead.

Yeah, I too want to know what will happen in this story, with these characters. There is five of them now, including the Villain. There can’t be a story without a Villain of some sort. Especially not in a dystopian fantasy, as mine.

Diary Dear!


Sometimes I get so tired and bored with myself. Especially when I’m tired. And I get a bit angry too, and irritated. Of myself. Doing nothing. Bone idle…

I sit for hours with a solitaire, I’ve four or five that I switch between, two I like slightly more, Forty Thieves mostly. I sit with it while I eat, while I listen to Kryon on YouTube, while I just sit. I can even put away a book, and take the iPad or the MacBook just for the purpose – playing a while with a solitaire.

Nothing wrong with that, per se. Can be a very useful relaxing tool. And I’ve noticed, that if I absentmindedly play a solitaire while listening to something I really want to listen to, it helps me to keep my concentration on listening. If I don’t do it, my thoughts wanders away, and I don’t hear a thing of what I wished to hear.

Awkward maybe, but so it is. Sometimes though, it just gets too much, too many hours of Solitaires and I get bored. And oddly, or not oddly, I can’t find any inspiration to do anything else either.

I even changed the theme for this blog, in an effort to pick me up a bit…
But knowing myself, I might very well change it back to the usual one in a while… perhaps…

BUT! I realized that I’m actually allowed, to “do nothing”. And it’s not just okay, it’s also necessary! After all those years with stress, I now actually can just sit still, doing nothing of value – and not feeling guilty about that!

When I was little, I used to read lots. Not only books, I read everything with letters on it. The texts on cereal boxes, milk packages, commercial folders and so on. And of course, comic magazines, like Donald Duck…
I read at the dinner table, on the toilet, in my bed at night, outdoors, indoors….
I’ve actually read a lot most of my life. Except for those years recently when I suffered from the stress related burn out… and I’m not quite over that phase yet… obviously…

Mom got irritated, or maybe she was just concerned. “Don’t read all the time”, she said. “You’ll destroy your eyes!” Or she could say: “Don’t just sit there with the book, don’t you have anything better to do?”
She meant that I should do something she thought was better. Like folding my clean laundry, or dust my room. Or something.

So in my head, for a very long time, a voice has over and over again said to me: “Don’t just sit there! Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I have dirty dishes in the kitchen now, and I don’t even have a clue what this writing will develop into.

Or maybe it’s high time to urge myself to go to bed. NOW!

I have at least written something today. Not every day that happens, sorry to say.

Painting by Axel Olson, 1931