Slowly closing in…

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The story that is… The manuscript… The evil-doers are getting closer…

Today was harder to write. But even though I only wrote 663 words, I’m still satisfied. I thought for several hours, I wouldn’t be able to write anything at all. And I knew – I know – I now must begin to deal with the villains and the upcoming battles

And then I managed to write 663 words!!!

I decided to publish this piece. But remember! It’s just the first draft! The only thing I’ve been trying to get as correct as possible, is the spelling.

Here it is! In the Menu! Called The board-meeting!

Getting labelled

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Recently on the Camp, I saw someone telling about currently writing a “Middle Grade” story.

I had absolutely no idea what that means – sounded mostly like something to do with schools. So I yahooed (never g o o g l e!). At first, I only found information about how to write Middle-grade stories, but nothing about what it meant. What is specific for it? For goodness gracious, folks. I am Swedish! I don’t know all those fun or odd or sometimes even stupid ways of calling things! All those expressions!!!
(Guess we have that in Swedish as well, but those are not stupid or odd… huh?! 😉 😀 😀 😀 ) )

Anyhow, jokes put aside, eventually, I found a description of what this label means. It’s fantasy literature for kids! Up to eight years old!

Okay! I write fantasy – but certainly not Middle Grade.

The next label! Young adult.
Hmmmm…. readers up to 18 years old… the protagonist mustn’t be older than 18… has to include some kind growing, learning about themselves, about life and the world around them… Harry Potter???

I am certainly not writing for Young Adult either. My protagonist is young, but not that young. She is about to turn 21, and at that day – wow, that will be special day! And not in a fun way… though it could have been… but now… no cake… no partying… with a bit of luck, and effort from friends and allied, she will still be alive the day after… and not imprisoned…

So what am I writing?
My main label is “Fantasy”, no doubt about that. But the sub-label? What???
And – does it matter?

Yahooing this morning, and finally end up on Wikipedia. (Where else…?)

Finding under the search term “Fantasy genres” the first headline “Subcategories”.
There are no less than 31 of those…

The next headline is “Pages in category “Fantasy genres””
There are 51 of those…

And there are more subpages…

For heaven’s sake…..!!!
I write Fantasy!!!! 
No more, no less!

Comic, magical, heroic, evil-goodness, gothic, dark, dystopic, time-travel, magic realism, sci-fi…… should I keep on labelling?
(Even a slight hint of romance – but just a hint.)

Pick what you like!
I write about it because I like it!

Sofa weekend


Some days you feel, you have to do nothing. Or at least, as close to nothing as possible. This weekend is just that kind of days.

Yesterday, Saturday, was literally a sofa day. I did have help from the weather to do that. It was awful. The rain was pouring down bucket-wise, and it was horribly blowing!

I was grateful for the rain and the almost-storm.
I have been tired lately.
Feels good to close into oneself.

Okay! I did fix food for myself a couple of times, and I did the dishes. Other than that I took a nap before lunch. Had slept too little the night before, I listened to books for a couple of hours, and was watching a marathon of the 6 last episodes of “Terra Nova”.

I got really disappointed when I watched that a year or so ago (Or two years?) They only produced one season! Read somewhere it had been too expensive to produce… or something. 😦


I did write to the CampWriMo too, of course.
One thousand and four words.


Today is also a sofa-day, Though I did take a short bike ride after breakfast. Nine kilometres only.
Better than nothing.

Then I thought I would write a blog post. During this WriMo month, I don’t post as often as usual. The other writing takes up time.
And so it should.

Observe how inspired I am… hmm…
*cough, cough*

I’m still tired.
Long for the vacation starting next week.

Update – just a bit

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It’s a bit emptying to write like this. Since I have other tasks to perform during the day, I’m usually not home and free for the day until 4 PM.

I don’t complain! Not at all! After eating something – and I’m hungry when I come home – I have the rest of the day all by myself. To do whatever I want with it.

And I’ve been writing! In these three first days of July-Camp I have written 4310 words on my story!

It’s just that I don’t have much energy left now to write a blog post!
And I have to get up early tomorrow.
And it is not only very windy…

The weather forecast has promised heavy raining,
both rain and heavy wind are NOT fun to bike in…
(hope they are wrong, I can manage the windy part)

Anyhow! It is really fun to write on my story, and so much is happening I didn’t anticipate. It is like reading a new, good story while writing it!!! Wow!!!!!!

And it is soon Friday, And weekend!

July, 1 – and the quest has begun

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So it has started! The Camp. The WriMo. Thirtyone days of writing. Wow! I love that!

Began the quest with 1196 words – my goal is 1000 words per day for 31 days – and to my own surprise, there was a new person in the game! And two more characters, whatever they are. At first one was a hawk and the other was a rat, but that was performed as disguise only.

I kept on for several hours over lunch. At the beginning it was hard. Oh, I got words out of me, but they came slowly and not until halfway through the Muse came. It was Albert today. Then it speeded up. The smile took over the face, the heart and the mind, and the fingers began to run over the keyboard.

I wonder what will happen next. You do know, don’t you, that I write what I want to read? So you could say, everything comes as a surprise since I let the inner me rule. The innate always knows best.

Along the road, I can also see I put seeds to grow, and make connections with other scenes and characters, and in the back of my head, I have began to ponder how this person will meet the other. And why.

All this is so thrilling.