The Board-meeting

A scene from my work in progress: The Solar Eclipse

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, there is an ancient castle high up in the mountains.
In the largest hall, decorated with black marble, golden embellishments and blackening mirrors between the windows, a group of old men, The Oldest & The Wisest, are sitting around a big oval table. They call themselves ”The Tribe” and has ruled the worlds for ages.

”Something has gone wrong”, the Oldest of them says loudly and starts to walk restlessly around the table. His name is Lord Merrywater Pinkerton and has been a respected member of the counsel for many, many years.
”As you well know!” He begins, pauses and let his grey eyes meet the twenty-three pairs of eyes on the other side of the table. ”As you well know, we have got the girl to the meeting place. Miranda has been of great help, pretending to be her real mother… ”
”Hear hear!” the men around the table exclaims.
”As I said, Miranda has been of great help getting the girl under her protection, but unforeseen circumstances have occurred!”
He coughs and writhes his hands, walks to the nearest window and looks out over the peaks of the mountains. The twenty-three at the table murmur and whisper silently with each other.

”Silence!” Lord Merrywater Pinkerton turns around and raises his hands in a decreeing gesture. For several minutes he just stands there, silent and watching the members one by one.
”The key has not been found yet. That Mephisto Suleiman has failed us, also by not finding the girl. He has yet a couple of hours left to do so, but… well… let us give him those. To see if he is worthy of our attention. The other two assigned have, we might say, helped to bring the girl to the meeting place after all, but worse is that other beings have joined them in a quest, as they see it. They want to find the girl again. They have some odd urge to help her.”
He coughs meaningly, and the men around the table start to whisper intensely with each other

”Sire! Sir!” Lord Bottomy Wannamaker rises and straightens out his robe. It is made of dark purple velvet and extensively ornamented with threads of gold, gems and exclusive laces.
”Sir! May I have a few words?”
Lord Merrywater Pinkerton nods.
”To what degree, is this person Mephisto Suleiman necessary, you say?”
”Actually! Not at all, any longer.” He sighs and breathes out heavily. “BUT! He is a skilful man, and I want to wait before we dispose of him. He might be useful. Furthermore! We don’t have the key yet. Due to the reports I have gained, he has at least some excellent ideas on what to look for. He might perhaps also find out where to look. And for whom! If just given a bit of extra time.”
”You have not turned soft now, Merrywater?” Old Tickleman kindly provokes him. “Sparing someone’s life just out of a whim isn’t exactly your way of doing things.”
”The older, the wiser, my dear Tickleman. The older, the wiser. Besides. It is not out of a mere whim. I have my well-grounded reasons for it.” He pats meaningly his nose with his left index finger.
”Yes, you might very well be right. Let us not be hasty!”

”Who are those other beings, does anyone know?” A slightly younger member by the name Shortbottom, with red-blondish hair and oddly blue-green eyes, rises from his stool and strikes his voluptuous beard while talking.
”Oh, my dear Mr Shortbottom! So far it seems to be just a couple of humans. One of them has even a small horse…”
As if something just hit his mind, he abruptly gets silent and for a moment he stares straight out at nothing. Then he hastily leaves the room without even one single word.

The twenty-three men around the table, who unknowingly were left behind, begin rambling on without anyone else actually listening.