Good morning


It’s a colorful day today, isn’t it? Let’s keep it that way, even if it’s cloudy and gray.

For me, I’ll be attending a birthday party this afternoon. Not that it will be any partying, per se, the man in question is turning 75 and quite handicapped. Parkinson’s disease, wheel chair and such. However, the entire family is gathering. Dinner and, later on, coffee and cake.

I figure I’ll be happy when turning back home to my solitude again. Too much people, too much talking, too much noise, is quite tiring, even tiresome. – Though it also will be fun meeting everybody.

Waking up


Often in the mornings, before raising from bed, I paint one or another image in the app “Colortherapy” on my iPad. I find it’s a both relaxing and energising way to start the day. And of course, also very enjoyable.


The images I choose can vary. Sometimes I paint a mandala, sometimes something quite different. Sometimes I make them soft, like this one, and sometimes more colorful, more… energetic!

How to live in abundance!



I caught what Neale Donald Walsch said in an interview.
There were some, to me, new videos with him on YouTube, which I of course immediately listened to.